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Listen Up: Ear Cuffs Have Arrived

Ralph and Duchess Ear Cuff; $120.00

For some reason, I never thought about the possibility of ear… adornment (err?) aside from actual earrings. Call me old fashioned.

But these “ear cuffs” from jewelry line Ralph and Duchess are… pretty awesome, I must say. The brand’s brain is that of Rochelle Goldberg (and its muses, Ralph and Duchess, the names of her pet rabbits. Aw! ) and from what I can tell, this gal knows her stuff.

I like how the cuff incorporates just enough of an edge to intrigue, sans the whole trashy-biker-chick twinge (are you picturing the ear cuffs with the chains? Yeah…). Love. Goldberg gets it right by incorporating feminine flowers into her design, rendering her pieces more Midsummer Night’s Dream than motorcycle. I’d certainly wear one of these!

It looks like the official site for the brand may be experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment (it won’t load for me), but I’ve linked these to another online store where you can purchase (in bronze, not silver, however). But I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before it’s back up and running. I am also sure that there are cheaper versions of the same thing floating around out there (these go for around $120.00)… ETSY anyone?

I could see this trend sticking around for a while… !


For the Love of Leggings…

I love leggings… I really do. Yes, I’m guilty of wearing them as pants… yes, yes. I know. It’s bad. But they are just so eaasssyyyy. Alas.

So, that being said, when spring and summer started to mosey their way into my life this year (slowly but surely, grumble, grumble), and black polyester started to lose some appeal (weather-related only, of course; how could I not love black polyester?), I started to look for my legging fix elsewhere… in a legging that is lighter, both in material and in color.

Then… I found it. The perfect spring/summer “pant”… the white legging. From the Express. Two, for $29.50. YESSS. Plus: they come in XS *and* XXS for all you petite gals like me, constantly waging war against pesky fabric bulges. You know what I’m saying here…

The 'Crop Sexy Stretch Legging'

Again: I know, I know. But just remember this: it’s all what you pair WITH the white legging. When I saw the Express ad above, I knew I was right. How chic is that look? Fresh, clean, and COMFY. What more do we need?

Nautical motifs are huuuuuge right now, and an oversized sailor shirt and/or tunic is to-die-for with a comfy white legging and a pair of brown gladiators (for day) or heels (for night)… love ‘em or hate ‘em, leggings make an outfit instantly, well, like I said: EASY.

I should’ve branched out earlier!

Might as Well Jump (?)

Ok, so I’m on the hunt. Every few months or so, I go into huntress mode. During this time, I can think of nothing but tracking down a certain special piece to locate and devour.

This time around, it’s a chic full-body jumpsuit (imagine it…). I want something comfortable and incredibly modern (no 1970s, no 1970s) for a très special occasion coming up, which I will expound upon at a later date… but I thought a jumpsuit (I’m thinking black or a neutral shade), with heels however, would be the perfect compromise between comfy and alluring.

Add in a smashing statement necklace, and I think the ensemble’s complete.

So, without fail, all the suits I’m bonkers over are over 200 dollars. WHY. Why? Is it too much to ask that I locate one sans elastic (I have an aversion to clothes with elastic; not that I don’t HAVE ANY, but hey…  I do).

Like this stunner strapless number by Milly. For ohhhhh, I don’t know… $237.00 DOLLARS. UGHHHH. I mean, this occasion is special… but special enough? That’s jumping into some deep and treacherous waters indeed…

Jury’s still out. Got a rec for me on this? I could use a few fellow huntswomen to help me sniff this sucker out.

In the meantime… the search continues…

All That Sparkles… Excites ♥


The newest crop of embellishedeverything (dresses, jewelry, footwear) is so… for a lack of a better word, titillating.

I think that deep down, every fashion-lover gets excited by all things that shimmer and sparkle.

Then this happens to be made manifest in the form of [this] expertly crafted Alice and Olivia silver sequined striped chiffon dress, well. Can you blame her?

Pondering a perfect pair of nude pumps to accompany this gem excites me all the more…

Oh the daydreaming in store for me today on this sunny sunday!

Gwyneth Paltrow: White-Hot in… Shorts? YUP.


When I saw this shot of Gwyneth Paltrow looking amazing in Armani at the Iron Man 2 premiere in a… WAIT. In a shorts and blazer combo? YES. I almost lost it. Does the woman look amazing in everything? Ugh!

I mean, if there’s one ensemble where I’d have some trepidation about looking… well, YOU KNOW… it’s friggn’ short white shorts, a slightly boxy, shoulderific white blazer and black booties.

I would be so scared. But not Gwyneth. Oh no. She looks like a vision in white, she looks like an angel. Wahhh. Not fair.

This is an ideal look for spring and its palette of neutral shades; and the black booties add a hint of the unexpected rocker-chick-thing… perfect. I’ll tell you this, she could definitely kick Chris Martin’s ass.

BRAVO, Gwyneth, BRAVO.

I’m Shakespeare-style in luuuuv.

The Never-Ending Quest for a Tee with a Twist

I’m in luuuuv with designer Alexa Galler’s debut line entitled Eighteenth, which consists of numerous t-shirts featuring off-the-wall asymmetrical cuts.

Because let’s face it: aren’t we always looking for pieces that put some sort of hip spin on the traditional t-shirt? Tees that are comfortable and all that, but which also make a statement? Well, meet your match; these are perfect.

I especially admire Galler’s use of cutouts and crazy necklines, instantly morphing everyone’s old favorite into something très special.

I believe the line features six signature styles, all of which are available in black or white (I love the black tees paired with the white pants too, that look is uber hot right now, it’s a classic contrats that always works!).

I’d really love to see some of these (especially the cropped pieces) paired up with an adorable pair of high-waisted shorts and some gladiators… mmm, oh yes.

Or, I think every single one of these will go perfectly with just about any skinny jean or legging.

As you might expect, since these aren’t your typical tees, they don’t bear your run-of-the-mill t-shirt prices; but hey, they’re all under 100 dollars and will get just as much attention as any dress you might buy for the same price…

…. and I’m sure they are a hell of a lot comfier.

I’ll tell you this: I’ll be adding Alexa to my radar, and surely these “t-shirts” to my ever-growing-wish-list-o-goodies. B-day isn’t *too* far away… ! HMMM.

Clunk Sans Funk

MIA Studio; $60.00

I really want a pair of hot brown sandals for spring. A pair that are sky-high, preferably chunky, and a pair that I could feasibly walk in. I know, I know…

SO. You can imagine my delight when these lovelies arrived in my inbox this morning, courtesy of Piperlime (we have a love-hate relationship… my wallet and Piper just don’t see eye-to-eye). Basically, it boils down to this: cork sandals. They’re so hot right now.

Really though… they are.

Because I mean… you know… there’s that whole clog trend going on now. But wait, last time I checked, my surname wasn’t Olsen. Can I pull off clogs? Hmm, not sure. Plus, all the acceptable ones appear to be over 400 dollars (I’m looking at you, Chloé), so I’m guessing I won’t be hopping on that trend-train. Instead, I’ll opt for a cousin look that can give off the same effect… yeah, that’d be a cork sandal.

This way, you get all the clunk and a liiiittle bit less of the 1994 funk.