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SATC2: Off to a Sunny Start

Va-va-va-VOOM in Valentino

It’s commminnnnnnggggggg. Oh wait, it’s here. Already! I can’t believe it’s about that time for another Sex and the City movie. It feels like just yesterday, that delicious black, chunky studded belt whipped into our lives, and now…

Ok, full disclosure here…  

Sigh. Am I the only ardent SATC fan out there who secretly wants to hate this movie? Why are the trailers so annoying, and when did the gals’ one-liners get so… lame?

I read somewhere that the tone of this film is completely different than that of the first, and that it’s supposed to be a “romp”… with a sort of… a tongue-in-chic feel. Obviously, L.E.Défilé is down with that, but we’ll see if it comes off as clever or cuckoo for coco puffs.

Well, if Sarah Jessica Parker’s gorgeeeeouuusss Valentino gown at its premiere is any indication of things to come, I have hope.

My God, this woman looks good. SJP is tan enough to offset the fluorescent yellow just right (well done) and the fit, the cut, the color, all of it, is so perfect and so on-trend it kills me. She couldn’t look better.

Grey pumps (go buy some, they’re taking over!), minimal accessories and classic Bradshaw hair (everyone’s favorite!) complete a truly smashing look… it’s the carefree cutting edge Carrie we all know and love… she hasn’t really changed, even after all these years.

Movie or no movie, we must admit: SJP still has it.


Camel Toe Footwear: What Do We Think? I’m Thinking: Not.

Fix yourself, girl--you got a...

Fix yourself, girl--you got a...

I wanted to be a dissident and say I like these. I tried, I really did. I almost always love what SJP is wearing, and yes, that includes the wacky AmQ number she wore to the American SATC movie premier, yes, yes it does. But this. There’s something wrong. I guess I can just flat-out say that I would never buy these. Do we think that this split-toe really makes the show *that* much more comfortable?! I mean, if you’re paying $1, 295.00 for a pair of Maison Martin Margiela Tabi shoes, shouldn’t they be comfortable enough? (On the bright side, you know you now have a reason to buy those dubious rainbow feet-gloves that you see at places like Claire’s as a complementary purchase!) Alas, I say no to these. I say no. And I think that it’s safe to say this is a trend that will not be sticking.

Sarah Jessica Parker arrives at the Soho House in the Meatpacking District

However, I suppose the least I can do is pay homage to fashionistas such as Sarah Jessica who make bold choices (because they can afford it and because they live in New York) without thinking twice. Even. Even if the dreaded words “camel toe” are inextricably linked to that choice. Even. Now that takes balls. It’s almost as daring as naming your band Fanny Pack.

Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3I64m0x6wI

fanny pack