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Balenciaga, My Boo

Gorgeous. And only costs 1 million dollars!

Helloooooooo, lover! I can’t buy you, but I can covet you… oh yes. Oh yes I can.

Balenciaga’s newest bags have hit the online scene… is it any wonder that this lovely turquoise leather ‘Boxwood’ messenger bag sold out in a matter of mere days? Mmm, mmmm. Just look at her.

She’s a cross-body (trendyyyyyy), made of brushed grain leather, and she’s decked out in primary colors. It’s prima donna patriotic chic. How can you not love that?

I’ll gladly stand beside Her.

Whomever the lucky (rich) ladies who managed to swipe this one up are… they are lucky indeed. Everyone knows my feelings for Balenciaga’s tour de force, Nicolas Ghesquière. Love that man. I could only dream of holding this glorious piece of his handiwork (and that of his mignons).

 For $1,116.00, it could’ve been mine. Hélas.

 For now, I’ll admire her from afar…


Perfumes That Have Won My Heart (and Their Muses, of Whom I Am Inarguably Jealous)

Je t'aime, Charlotte. ♥

Mmmm. Let’s take a beauty pause for a minute. Ah. So. Perfume.

I have to have my perfume. I truly do feel naked without it. Call it prissy, I don’t give a damn. I love perfume.

I did learn something that year studying in France after all.

Currently, I go back and forth between two steady beau-s: Marc Jacob’s Signature Scent (mmm… gardenias!) and YSL’s Parisienne (mmm… Kate Moss).

Prada’s Infusion d’Iris came very close…

Can this please be my life?

… I almost bought some not too long ago (and still might), but then Balenciaga’s newest, Paris Eau de Parfum (and we all know how I feel about Balenciaga’s own and Mr. Ghesquière), waltzed in my life brimming with violet and savory pepper notes…  and now…

… now, I just don’t know what to think or feel. I love them both!

What can I say, I want it all.

In the end, I’m sure I’ll fall victim to ingenious advertising.

Here she is, a little bottle of happiness. For $95.00. Ugh.

Does it hurt that Paris was inspired by la magnifique Charlotte Gainsbourg (also featured in the ad campaign)?

No. No, it does not. Do I want to be her? Well, yes, yes I do. So smelling like her will probably do for now.

Paris vs. Parisienne? Now there’s a brawl I’d like to see. But I’m sure I’ll find a way to reserve for them both a très special place in my heart.

Oooh, here’s a question for ya: Who would you rather smell like, Charlotte or Kate?

Dang, might be a toss up!

Biker Chick Meets Sci-Fi Schoolgirl: I Love Nicolas Ghesquière So Much—It *HURTS* Me

These clothes. I NEED them. I have an innate, carnal need for this collection. I want every look, and I want it now.

Balenciaga: I am your love slave.


It is no secret to you all that I am obsessed with Balenciaga, aka Nicolas Ghesquière, the man behind the label. I admit: I am groupie and I am proud of it. Nicolas turns out the unexpected in a surprisingly chic, fresh way. Yeah. He’s pretty much amazing.


The spring 2010 RTW collection he put forth for Balenciaga yesterday during Paris Fashion Week was no exception. Backstage, the designer says, “I wanted something urban and graphic…collages of natural and synthetic materials, almost like toys.”



Um, okay. WHEN AND HOW am I obtaining this?!

Um, okay. WHEN AND HOW am I obtaining this?!

The construction. The perfectly placed sheer panels of fabric. The HOODED LEATHER VESTS. The pleated minis made modern. The random flashes of color.


I’ll play with his toys ANYTIME. This show, for me, was a veritable treasure chest of goodies.

I mean, it just kills me.

I mean, it just kills me.

Nicolas (is up there with Chloë): I love you. Will you be my fwend?

STRAIGHT OUT OF LILLE: the man behind the magic.

STRAIGHT OUTTA LILLE: the man behind the magic.