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Listen Up: Ear Cuffs Have Arrived

Ralph and Duchess Ear Cuff; $120.00

For some reason, I never thought about the possibility of ear… adornment (err?) aside from actual earrings. Call me old fashioned.

But these “ear cuffs” from jewelry line Ralph and Duchess are… pretty awesome, I must say. The brand’s brain is that of Rochelle Goldberg (and its muses, Ralph and Duchess, the names of her pet rabbits. Aw! ) and from what I can tell, this gal knows her stuff.

I like how the cuff incorporates just enough of an edge to intrigue, sans the whole trashy-biker-chick twinge (are you picturing the ear cuffs with the chains? Yeah…). Love. Goldberg gets it right by incorporating feminine flowers into her design, rendering her pieces more Midsummer Night’s Dream than motorcycle. I’d certainly wear one of these!

It looks like the official site for the brand may be experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment (it won’t load for me), but I’ve linked these to another online store where you can purchase (in bronze, not silver, however). But I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before it’s back up and running. I am also sure that there are cheaper versions of the same thing floating around out there (these go for around $120.00)… ETSY anyone?

I could see this trend sticking around for a while… !


Enamel Envy

Red enamel wave small bracelet; $414.00

My God, Bluefly is KILLING me this week!

Enough with the evil temptress emails, okay?

Oh wait, I can’t really afford 80 percent of their content, so hey, there’s the silver lining… ?

The newest crop of Hermès accessories has landed and the selection of gorgeous enamel bracelets is… tempting to say the least.

I know… I know. RIGHT. Like I could drop 400 bucks on a bracelet… or could I? Muha. No, not really, but it’s a step up in feasibility from yesterday!

The thought of stacking two or three of these babies (more, more!) is even more appealing and subsequently, even more ridiculous (according to my wallet); but I suppose the fantasy of it all will keep me satisfied for now.

Light grey enamel diamond small bangle; $414.00

I’ve been spotting a lot of enamel pieces out there lately, which is great because (ahem, this case aside) enamel is a material that tends to be a little more on the affordable side, but still manages looks really polished.

I scooped up a white statement necklace from Express not too long ago which, to me, basically looks like a huge hunk of lace around my neck (in the best of possible ways); people haven’t stopped asking me where I got it. You should see their reaction when I tell them.

HermèsExpress. Same diff, right?

Currently Coveting…

This jewelry like a crazy-person. ♥♥♥

I am completely in love with A Peace Treaty’s first jewelry collection inspired by nomadic tribes of central Asia.

Any of these pieces will give the perfect touch of… well, tribal, to your spring wardrobe (which we’ve seen all over the runways… mostly trickling down to us bottom-feeders in the form of fun and funky footwear)…

Trendy tribal.

How’s that for something to ponder on a Tuesday morning?

[I mean, let’s be honest, it’s wayyy more fun to contemplate than last night’s episode of LOST. YIKES. This won’t make you feel stupid… plus… island chic is so last season.]

All That *Sparkles* (or Doesn’t)

Shards of Glass Necklace; $13.00

I know you’re all prowling around for awesome statement necklaces (only the must-have trend du jour) that don’t cost a bajillion dollars. I know I have.

Well, that being said: VICTORY for me! I just snagged this beauty for a whopping $13.00.

So now the question remains: Have you ever been to Shop4Sparkles.com?

Oh boy. You’re in for a treat. ♥

Reign in the New Year with a sparkly (or you know…not sparkly) treat for yourself! Just admit it: you got tired of buying for other people the past two months anyway.