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Dear Max Azria… WOW.

Max Azria; Fall 2010 RTW

This past weekend I was in NYC on the hunt, as you all are well aware, for the perfect black jump suit. Well. I found it!

Thank you Max Azria, you are truly a life-saver.

Sadly, I can’t find a shot of the exact model I bought to give you a taste, but expect at least a pic or two in the near future…

ANYWAY, my point is that when I was scouring the internet looking for it, I found myself knee-deep in Azria’s Fall 2010 collection… and let me just say. I was IM.PRESSED.

How beautiful and… rather unexpectedly so, is this look? I would killlll for it.

Given how much good ol’ Max’s jumpsuit put me back, that would probably be the only viable option for me at this point. Ah. But really, who would think to pair white tights, of all things, with this gorgeous dress? But… it really works! It really does. What a breath of fresh air.

Looks like long layers are here to stay through fall (YES!), as are opaque tights, and both trends never looked so, well, fresh!

Dear Max Azria,

You are underrated.




Fall 2010 RTW: Color Me Beautiful (?)

G-Star; Fall 2010 RTW

Ok, so … some people don’t quite know what to think of  Zac Posen’s Fall 2010 RTW nudie-brown explosion…

I might be one of them …?

But what I DO know?


I die, seriously.

I die to wear them (and subsequently die to have an appropriate occasion to which I might wear them without being ridiculed).

Le sigh!

G-Star; Fall 2010 RTW

Oh! And another thing I know? Color collision course straight ahead, ladies.

And you thought Fall 2009’s neons were daring, try out the monochromatic double-punch …

Nothin’ but show-stopping combos, not that I’m complaining …

[combine the color trend with tights and you hit the bullseye].

That being said… heavy on the sea greens and blues.

No matter what you might think … 2010 ain’t gonna be boring, this is clear.