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Listen Up: Ear Cuffs Have Arrived

Ralph and Duchess Ear Cuff; $120.00

For some reason, I never thought about the possibility of ear… adornment (err?) aside from actual earrings. Call me old fashioned.

But these “ear cuffs” from jewelry line Ralph and Duchess are… pretty awesome, I must say. The brand’s brain is that of Rochelle Goldberg (and its muses, Ralph and Duchess, the names of her pet rabbits. Aw! ) and from what I can tell, this gal knows her stuff.

I like how the cuff incorporates just enough of an edge to intrigue, sans the whole trashy-biker-chick twinge (are you picturing the ear cuffs with the chains? Yeah…). Love. Goldberg gets it right by incorporating feminine flowers into her design, rendering her pieces more Midsummer Night’s Dream than motorcycle. I’d certainly wear one of these!

It looks like the official site for the brand may be experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment (it won’t load for me), but I’ve linked these to another online store where you can purchase (in bronze, not silver, however). But I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before it’s back up and running. I am also sure that there are cheaper versions of the same thing floating around out there (these go for around $120.00)… ETSY anyone?

I could see this trend sticking around for a while… !


ETSY SPOTLIGHT: The Local Branch

The Vintage Women's T-shirt Dress; $34.00

I stumbled upon Etsy store The Local Branch this past December, desperately searching the mega-site’s virtually endless possibilities, determined as ever to find the perfect Christmas gift(s) for my boyfriend, Jeff. I scored for him not one, but two of their lovely creations.

To my delight, I also found that the San Francisco-based label offers items for women…! I love their idea of mixing chicly bohemian tribal prints with modern cuts, colors, and materials (printed on American Apparel, might I add)…

My personal favorite is this blue t-shirt dress above, but chances are there are more than a few pieces to tempt you like only Etsy can (you know what I’m saying, am I right?) but if you’re shopping for your guy like I was, and like so many of you will be considering V-Day is around the corner, I’d also recommend their ties… they’re awesome.

Equally as awesome, almost everything is under $40.00, but you’d never know it from the quality. So let’s see, great quality, fresh originality, and the people behind it all are energetic and helpful. Hmm…

Harem, Baby

And they said it couldn't be done...

I usually shy away from posting pics of myself, but I had to share my latest find. Harem pants that:

1. Don’t cost a fortune (they are now on sale for only $29.00, to be exact!)

2. Can be CUSTOM-MADE to fit your bod (yes, ETSY is behind all this)

3. Don’t make you look like an ass

The trick here is that these are actually leggings. That’s right: I’m wearing booties in this pic! Incroyable, non? Behind this awesome creation is Francesca of Babooshka Boutique. She’s got all SORTS of stuff to whet your whistle.  Yeah, that Gold Studded Black Turban? You KNOW I snagged that sucker too.

And this mini (in garnet)…



So Cute. Happy Holidays! [To…me?]

Don't Forget (Goldfilled); $31.50

Okay, so I just received my amazing ETSY email du jour (the only way to keep up with the rapidly-changing-sheer-awesome-ness of ETSY is on the daily, duh!) entitled, 80 More Gifts Under $50‏. Yeah. Imagine it.

As if that weren’t enough to render me giddy, I open the email and immediately spot this precious, precious piece of jewelry… 

Aptly titled the “Don’t Forget” ring, the only thing you’ll have to think about regarding this gift purchase is… whether you want to give it away or not. Or: whether you want to snag more than one of them. At $31.50… why not?


{Merry Christmas to ME, Merry Christmas to ME, Merry Christmas to (insert friend’s name)…AND ME…Merry Christmas…}

ETSY (always amazing) + My Friend Stephanie’s Amazing Work = Treasures You Are Simply Unable to Refuse. Sorry.

I am taking a break from sifting through Fashion Week craziness to plug a friend’s fantastic handiwork. My friend Stephanie Kao creates beautiful pieces of all sorts. Amongst them: ceramics, hair ornaments, and toys. You simply must stop by her website and/or ETSY shop to purchase a unique item for a price that is kind of unbelievable.


Stephanie’s original designs and collaboration projects with Robert Siegel Ceramics are beautiful—delicately intricate yet wonderfully modern. Plus, since when can you get a handmade, hand-painted, originally designed item for in and around 35 bucks? Hmm, probably since never, so what more do you want–breakfast in bed?

Yellow Daffodil Fish Scale Headband; $12.00

Yellow Daffodil Fish Scale Headband; $12.00

WEB: http://www.stephaniekao.com/

ETSY: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=7453614

BLOG: http://stephaniekao.blogspot.com/


MTO Art Nouveau Yellow Lace on Black Porcelain Bowl; $35.00!

Stocking stuffers, anyone? Paloma the Prairie Panda with Spotted Feathers/Yellow Rose; $12.00!

Stocking stuffers, anyone? Paloma the Prairie Panda with Spotted Feathers/Yellow Rose; $12.00

And yes, that appears to be me donning some of her adorable hair ornaments. Take my expert advice when I say they are as cute in real life as they are here. Would I lie to you? I think not!

Flamingo Pink Floret Band; $14.00

So you think you can model? Flamingo Pink Floret Band; $14.00