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Enamel Envy

Red enamel wave small bracelet; $414.00

My God, Bluefly is KILLING me this week!

Enough with the evil temptress emails, okay?

Oh wait, I can’t really afford 80 percent of their content, so hey, there’s the silver lining… ?

The newest crop of Hermès accessories has landed and the selection of gorgeous enamel bracelets is… tempting to say the least.

I know… I know. RIGHT. Like I could drop 400 bucks on a bracelet… or could I? Muha. No, not really, but it’s a step up in feasibility from yesterday!

The thought of stacking two or three of these babies (more, more!) is even more appealing and subsequently, even more ridiculous (according to my wallet); but I suppose the fantasy of it all will keep me satisfied for now.

Light grey enamel diamond small bangle; $414.00

I’ve been spotting a lot of enamel pieces out there lately, which is great because (ahem, this case aside) enamel is a material that tends to be a little more on the affordable side, but still manages looks really polished.

I scooped up a white statement necklace from Express not too long ago which, to me, basically looks like a huge hunk of lace around my neck (in the best of possible ways); people haven’t stopped asking me where I got it. You should see their reaction when I tell them.

HermèsExpress. Same diff, right?


Balenciaga, My Boo

Gorgeous. And only costs 1 million dollars!

Helloooooooo, lover! I can’t buy you, but I can covet you… oh yes. Oh yes I can.

Balenciaga’s newest bags have hit the online scene… is it any wonder that this lovely turquoise leather ‘Boxwood’ messenger bag sold out in a matter of mere days? Mmm, mmmm. Just look at her.

She’s a cross-body (trendyyyyyy), made of brushed grain leather, and she’s decked out in primary colors. It’s prima donna patriotic chic. How can you not love that?

I’ll gladly stand beside Her.

Whomever the lucky (rich) ladies who managed to swipe this one up are… they are lucky indeed. Everyone knows my feelings for Balenciaga’s tour de force, Nicolas Ghesquière. Love that man. I could only dream of holding this glorious piece of his handiwork (and that of his mignons).

 For $1,116.00, it could’ve been mine. Hélas.

 For now, I’ll admire her from afar…

Might as Well Jump (?)

Ok, so I’m on the hunt. Every few months or so, I go into huntress mode. During this time, I can think of nothing but tracking down a certain special piece to locate and devour.

This time around, it’s a chic full-body jumpsuit (imagine it…). I want something comfortable and incredibly modern (no 1970s, no 1970s) for a très special occasion coming up, which I will expound upon at a later date… but I thought a jumpsuit (I’m thinking black or a neutral shade), with heels however, would be the perfect compromise between comfy and alluring.

Add in a smashing statement necklace, and I think the ensemble’s complete.

So, without fail, all the suits I’m bonkers over are over 200 dollars. WHY. Why? Is it too much to ask that I locate one sans elastic (I have an aversion to clothes with elastic; not that I don’t HAVE ANY, but hey…  I do).

Like this stunner strapless number by Milly. For ohhhhh, I don’t know… $237.00 DOLLARS. UGHHHH. I mean, this occasion is special… but special enough? That’s jumping into some deep and treacherous waters indeed…

Jury’s still out. Got a rec for me on this? I could use a few fellow huntswomen to help me sniff this sucker out.

In the meantime… the search continues…


So what did we see? Nothing that was *too much* of a surprise, to be honest: lots of animal prints, prints in general, ruffles, cut-outs, knock-you-out-of-your-socks colors, jewel tones, splashes (and bigger splashes) of neon, 80s influence, etc. etc.

Here are some highlights of our favorites:

Monique Lhuillier’s dashes of golden/mustard yellow, fringe, and goddess draping:



Proenza Schouler’s jewel tone/neon color choice, especially the splashes of electric blue and the eclectic prints–which both somehow collide on a baby doll dress of all things, and yes, it works!



Without a doubt, a favorite of the week!

Without a doubt, a favorite of the week!

I was a *bit* taken aback (and yes, disappointed) with the veritable grey and brown explosion chez Alexander Wang; but I guess he did make up for it in intermixing occasional (and sometimes not-so-occasional) splashes of blood red for the must-have juxtaposition du jour–a key trend currently, and clearly for the year to come: mixing muted tones with crazy, intense bright ones. I did love love love the voluminous sleeves though. And with the lace-up hot shorts make for a girlie football chic, if there is such a thing. An interestingly pungent, truly American, apparel statement. Love it.




Wrastlin' anyone?

 Muted rose, royal blue, slate blues and greens, and that same blood red (go out and purchase it, ladies!) pop up again at rather soft and soapy Marc Jacobs, who also has quite the knack for adding satin touches—all very interesting to say the least (since when does MJ bore us?), as were the designers layering concepts. Oh, and did we mention ruffles? Amazingly romantic and edgy at the same time. But that about sums up MJ anyway.



Another fave of the week. It's the red.

Another fave of the week. It's the red.

You have to love the cool blues of Thakoon’s collection (and a brighter, more vivid royal than we saw at MJ), who somehow managed to do a teal slouch/harem pant (God bless em!) which doesn’t make me want to run and hide—BRAVO! Loved the separates too…




GORGEOUS. I like. I need. I want.

GORGEOUS. I like. I need. I want.

Rodarte keep their signature deconstructed assemblage, but favored black, browns and dark grays mixed in with splashes of bright color on tatted-up models. The combo of the colors and what appears to me to be Polynesian-inspired body art, gave off a very jungle, earthy feel to the collection which I really liked, and considering the post-modern constructions, quite a feat indeed. Some designs did seem a bit redundant, but as far as I’m concerned, too much of the jungle warrior princess look is never enough.


Georgia, Queen of zee Jungle. For real.

Georgia, Queen of zee Jungle. For real.

Wow. Just. Wow.

Wow. Just. Wow.

And finally, at Phillip Lim. Oh Lim. YOUR RED PANT SUIT IS TO DIE FOR. ON A PINK RUNWAY, no less! Oooohhhhhh! One of my favorites of the week. With a t-strap heal and a skinny brown leather belt, I was in heaven. AND! A version which includes shorts?! Amazing. Here we see also more of a mix of this vivid red with gray, similar to the mélange at Wang. The mustard-brown garments (leather!) paired with bright red booties was one of my favorites looks. Read it again, guys: subdued tones contrasting bright ones. If you don’t have this mix going on come fall/2010, you haven’t learned a thing.





Thank you for paying attention to this VIA. Carry on, become inspired.