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SATC2: Off to a Sunny Start

Va-va-va-VOOM in Valentino

It’s commminnnnnnggggggg. Oh wait, it’s here. Already! I can’t believe it’s about that time for another Sex and the City movie. It feels like just yesterday, that delicious black, chunky studded belt whipped into our lives, and now…

Ok, full disclosure here…  

Sigh. Am I the only ardent SATC fan out there who secretly wants to hate this movie? Why are the trailers so annoying, and when did the gals’ one-liners get so… lame?

I read somewhere that the tone of this film is completely different than that of the first, and that it’s supposed to be a “romp”… with a sort of… a tongue-in-chic feel. Obviously, L.E.Défilé is down with that, but we’ll see if it comes off as clever or cuckoo for coco puffs.

Well, if Sarah Jessica Parker’s gorgeeeeouuusss Valentino gown at its premiere is any indication of things to come, I have hope.

My God, this woman looks good. SJP is tan enough to offset the fluorescent yellow just right (well done) and the fit, the cut, the color, all of it, is so perfect and so on-trend it kills me. She couldn’t look better.

Grey pumps (go buy some, they’re taking over!), minimal accessories and classic Bradshaw hair (everyone’s favorite!) complete a truly smashing look… it’s the carefree cutting edge Carrie we all know and love… she hasn’t really changed, even after all these years.

Movie or no movie, we must admit: SJP still has it.


Gwyneth Paltrow: White-Hot in… Shorts? YUP.


When I saw this shot of Gwyneth Paltrow looking amazing in Armani at the Iron Man 2 premiere in a… WAIT. In a shorts and blazer combo? YES. I almost lost it. Does the woman look amazing in everything? Ugh!

I mean, if there’s one ensemble where I’d have some trepidation about looking… well, YOU KNOW… it’s friggn’ short white shorts, a slightly boxy, shoulderific white blazer and black booties.

I would be so scared. But not Gwyneth. Oh no. She looks like a vision in white, she looks like an angel. Wahhh. Not fair.

This is an ideal look for spring and its palette of neutral shades; and the black booties add a hint of the unexpected rocker-chick-thing… perfect. I’ll tell you this, she could definitely kick Chris Martin’s ass.

BRAVO, Gwyneth, BRAVO.

I’m Shakespeare-style in luuuuv.

2010 MET GALA: It’s Taken Me Literally Days to Decide

Really though. I have been sifting through photos for what seems like an obscene amount of time in order to pick out who my absolute favorite was at this year’s Met Gala. It wasn’t easy. I have gone back and forth between a few (MIA is my honorable mention), but I think I have finally decided on… Sienna Miller.

Now don’t roll your eyes with the ‘what else is new’ (hey, I could’ve picked Chloé Sevigny, my BFF in my head, but I didn’t…!), I really tried to pick someone more surprising… but I simply couldn’t.

Sienna looks truly amazing: sexy, put-together, and chic. Might have something to do with the fact that she and Jude Law are officially back together (she’s got the glow, no?); or it might be the fact that she’s wearing a beyond-gorgeous EMILIO PUCCI gown (PUCCI: I ♥♥ you. Cawl me) in a stunning color (never can go wrong with navy); or… might just be the fact that Sienna knows how to wear clothes.

I mean… look at her.

Congrats, Sienna. You look amazing.

I kind of hate you, you look so amazing.

That’s when you know girl’s got it going on.

Oscar Fashion 2010: The Winners (Don’t Worry, Sandra Bullock Is Not Even Nominated)

So let’s keep this simple: the best? In my opinion? Rachel McAdams (Modern! Chic! Oh-so-relevant! Understated yet daring!) in her Elie Saab haute couture gown, Kate Winslet (A vision! Glowing! Soft yet smart!), looking amazingly put-together in Yves Saint Laurent, and the Bad-Ass Mamma Belle of Zee Ball: Meryl Streep (Radiant! Elegant!), a vision in a white dress designed by PR contestant Chris March (!!). Seriously. I’d watch The Blind Side like… five times in a row or something (yikes, maybe) to look like this woman in my 60s. She’s simply amazing!

Runner ups? Definitely Maggie Gyllenhaal. I loved her gorgeous strapless print dress by… Dries Van Noten. Only one of my all-time favorites and inspiration for L.E.Défilé! I love that man! Big points for Maggie. She looked absolutely stunning.

We DEFINITELY saw spring’s budding neutral palette represented (take your pick: Miley Cyrus, Anna Kendrick, Demi Moore—and really, who more fitting to rock the borderline-dangerous-seemingly-naked look than Demi? Mmmhhm, she practically invented it) but also a preference for eye-catching red, for Hollywood glamour (Penelope Cruz, Vera Farmiga).

All in all, a pretty good night, and pretty interesting I have to say (I’m talking, I guess, specifically about the fashion, although I’d like to congratulate The Hurt Locker on its many well-deserved awards. That movie kicks ass)…

Also, where was the beloved Oscar darling, Julia Roberts? I thought there for a minute that James Cameron might benefit from some of her nauseatingly forced awards show cheer there toward the end. After all, he lost basically everything… to his empowered ex. She’s the Queen of the World! A poignant ending indeed.

Pretty in Peach: Christina Hendricks Blows Socks Off Golden Globes


OMFG: Christiana Hendricks (Mad Men, ya heard?) left me utterly speechless last night at the Golden Globes.

Why talk about anyone else when you have THIS around? Seriously.

Is she edible?

Perfectly packaged in a delicious peach Christian Siriano (YES!) gown, Ms. Joan Holloway rendered all other event-goers automatically irrelevant as she moseyed down the red carpet like the badass bitch that she is.

A perfect choice for what is a seemingly flawless look: the skin, the hair, the dress, the color, the makeup, the FIT. Oh GOD: THE FIT. All of it. Perfect.  An amazing style choice which not only embodies her character, but the essence of her beauty.

BRAVO, Christina, bravo. Marilyn would be so proud.


Biggest disappointment of the night: Penelope Cruz (although Tina Fey would be a close second). Not entirely visible in this photo, but…I didn’t hear anything about a fake n’ bake malfunction–can someone please advise? Why would she do this to herself (and more importantly: to her beautiful skin)?

As for the dress (Versace), unlike Christina’s, it made Penelope’s beyond banging bod look more matronly than Marilyn. A tragedy indeed.

Someone get Anton Chigurh on that stylist, stat.

A Brief but Heart-Felt Ode. To January Jones.


This may come as no surprise, but…

January Jones, your fashion sense rocks my freaking socks off.

[Not only can you pull off the Grace-Kelly-meets-Donna-Reid-in-the-sexiest-way-possible on Mad Men] You never cease to take my breath away when it comes to your style choices on the red carpet.

Your Versace Emmy gown was beyond amazing; in fact, all of your red carpet choices are modern, chic, and most importantly: relevant and interesting. The hair, the accessories. All of it: perfect. I have so many questions to ask you, but mostly: 1. Who is your Stylist? and 2. Will you be my fwend?