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Un Peu de Punk

Han Cholo 3 Row Spiked Ring; $52.00

You know what? It’s about time I gushed about something I (and probably you) can actually… afford. Imagine that.

I’m thinking this Han Cholo “spiked” ring courtesy of Revolve Clothing is just the thing.

I’ve been looking for an accessory with a bit of a bite, you know, a hard-edge that’s intriguing (oh wait, there is that statement necklace I got for like 15 bucks at Shock Boutique… err, in addition to that then ) but that’s also affordable and… understated enough so that I don’t look like a punk poser, and I think this piece is perfect.

I am seeing this ring complementing many-a-jeans-and-t-shirt for day, but also paired up with a cocktail dress or LBD for night. I feel like when kept to a healthy minimum, pieces with un peu de punk can complement any outfit.

Because let’s face it: every fashionista can use a dash of rebel yell from time to time.



For the Love of Leggings…

I love leggings… I really do. Yes, I’m guilty of wearing them as pants… yes, yes. I know. It’s bad. But they are just so eaasssyyyy. Alas.

So, that being said, when spring and summer started to mosey their way into my life this year (slowly but surely, grumble, grumble), and black polyester started to lose some appeal (weather-related only, of course; how could I not love black polyester?), I started to look for my legging fix elsewhere… in a legging that is lighter, both in material and in color.

Then… I found it. The perfect spring/summer “pant”… the white legging. From the Express. Two, for $29.50. YESSS. Plus: they come in XS *and* XXS for all you petite gals like me, constantly waging war against pesky fabric bulges. You know what I’m saying here…

The 'Crop Sexy Stretch Legging'

Again: I know, I know. But just remember this: it’s all what you pair WITH the white legging. When I saw the Express ad above, I knew I was right. How chic is that look? Fresh, clean, and COMFY. What more do we need?

Nautical motifs are huuuuuge right now, and an oversized sailor shirt and/or tunic is to-die-for with a comfy white legging and a pair of brown gladiators (for day) or heels (for night)… love ‘em or hate ‘em, leggings make an outfit instantly, well, like I said: EASY.

I should’ve branched out earlier!


One of this season’s trends I can’t get enough of is the oh-so-Breton horizontal stripe.

Simple, classic… Coco Chanel-approved, it’s a motif plastered all over tops (long-sleeved, short-sleeved, tank tops, dresses…) this Spring from here to kingdom come. And yes, that includes American Apparel, one of its biggest fans.

WAL-MART or Bergdorf?

Not that something as fundamental as a striped shirt can ever really go OUT of style, but such a basic “look” (err) hasn’t been this omnipresent since… what, that rugby polo explosion however many years ago?

Remember? Yeah. I think I prefer this go-round…

In black or blue is best, but I’ve developed a faint fondness for a nice red stripe as well…

WAL-MART or Bergdorf?

The best thing about this trend is that it’s readily available anywhere… and I mean anywhere. From Wal-Mart to Bergdorf.

I snatched a long-sleeved version similar to Audrey Tatou’s (here, as Coco herself in Coco avant Chanel) from Rodarte for Target, and I’ve worn it so many times already, I can’t even count.

A classic story of transient fashion success: from French fisherman in Brittany to the runways of the world, now trickling into the hearts of new generations at all price points. Aw. Vive la mode !

Dear Zac Posen…

{will you marry me?}


So did you clean up at Target last week? You know… because Zac mothereffing POSEN launched his line for the retailer a mere 10 days ago? Sadly, at the time, I was out of town and in the middle of a music festival in New Orleans, but I *did* find the time in between sets to whip out the trusty iphone and snag a fabulous tie-dye “tank-dress” (which some might call a tunic) that might just turn into my go-to piece for lazy summer days… très comfy, yet alluring. Check out the back!

I know, I KNOW. This is a bit of a pitiful showing for me; me, the queen of impulsive online bargain shopping. And yes, yes, Posen is one of my top five favorite designers.

But here’s the thing, I was attempting to get myself together in the ruthless deep South sun amidst merry frat boys and their Miller Lite, all the while trying to refrain from looking like a maniac priss. I mean, I do have some integrity. Leave it to me to go from Allman Brothers to Posen in five seconds flat.

And yes, it happened. To my horror, in logging on a mere matter of hours after the collection hit, most of XSs… were gone. So I snagged the tunic in a S. It’s a bit loose, but that has its advantages.  I’m seeing this pared up with leggings and flats; or, I actually wore it last weekend with black wedges and a black belt for more of a night-time look. Mmmhm.

Dear Zac Posen,

I wanted to do you proud. I wanted to buy that polka-dot dress in purple WITH the matching belt… I did. But you didn’t have my size. It’s okay though. I know I’m not the only woman in your life. Feel free to make it up to me… anytime.

Despite the disappointments in availability, I still raised a Miller Lite to the NOLA sun in your honor (La classe!).

Love, Me

Brighten Your Step With a Neon Accent (or Two)

Ok so, if you don’t know by now that neon accents are raging like it were 1993,  you need to wake up and smell the Saved By the Bell graphics (no seriously… have you SEEN some of the things floating around out there?!).

This blinding bright throw-back aesthetic is fun, but no one wants to fully and completely embody the essence of MTV Beach House without adding some sort of modern twist. No…no. That would be… unfortunate.

So we must ask ourselves how to incorporate this funny, fickle trend… and cheaply? Answer: buy a neon sandal. I recently spotted tons of great (and affordable) options in the newest Victoria’s Secret catalogue (all also available online), and snagged these brown Colin Stewart “classic thong(s)” (err?) with a neon yellow strap. You won’t believe how amazingly fresh they look with white jeans. Mmmm. MMM!

If you’re not into yellow, try a hot pink or blue. Hey, they’re no Keds, but Kelly Kapowski would surely approve…

Converse: Now Available in Diet (!)


Soo… I discovered the best thing ever last week: ConverseLIGHT. That’s right, diet Converse, ya’ll…. low on white sole, if you know what I mean… ? I mean… this opens up a whole new world to the beloved Chuck Taylor we all know and love…

But really: how cute are these?! They make ‘em for gals and guys (très Strokes with your skinny jeans fellas, très… 2001. Not that it’s a bad thing) too, might I add.

I went ahead and bought the black, which I plan on wearing with some sort of super skinny jeans and/or leggings… but now I’m fawning over the white and/or cream… in the low-cut (?). I can’t decide! How cute would they be with cut-off jeans shorts? With leggings? With boyfriend jeans? WITH ANYTHING? I just got mine in the mail, and I’m obsessed already. Just you wait.

The one thing that saddens me is that the HIGH-top does not come in cream (black, brown, and navy only)… but maybe I’ll luck out in the future… maybe I should write them a letter…

But really: for 45 bucks… why not just buy them ALL? Currently, I’m trying to talk myself out of this idea…

I guess that’s really it. Thank you for paying attention to this VIA.  Just remember: Converse Light : low on white sole, yet still packed with the original Converse, full-flavor baby.

ETSY SPOTLIGHT: The Local Branch

The Vintage Women's T-shirt Dress; $34.00

I stumbled upon Etsy store The Local Branch this past December, desperately searching the mega-site’s virtually endless possibilities, determined as ever to find the perfect Christmas gift(s) for my boyfriend, Jeff. I scored for him not one, but two of their lovely creations.

To my delight, I also found that the San Francisco-based label offers items for women…! I love their idea of mixing chicly bohemian tribal prints with modern cuts, colors, and materials (printed on American Apparel, might I add)…

My personal favorite is this blue t-shirt dress above, but chances are there are more than a few pieces to tempt you like only Etsy can (you know what I’m saying, am I right?) but if you’re shopping for your guy like I was, and like so many of you will be considering V-Day is around the corner, I’d also recommend their ties… they’re awesome.

Equally as awesome, almost everything is under $40.00, but you’d never know it from the quality. So let’s see, great quality, fresh originality, and the people behind it all are energetic and helpful. Hmm…