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SATC2: Off to a Sunny Start

Va-va-va-VOOM in Valentino

It’s commminnnnnnggggggg. Oh wait, it’s here. Already! I can’t believe it’s about that time for another Sex and the City movie. It feels like just yesterday, that delicious black, chunky studded belt whipped into our lives, and now…

Ok, full disclosure here…  

Sigh. Am I the only ardent SATC fan out there who secretly wants to hate this movie? Why are the trailers so annoying, and when did the gals’ one-liners get so… lame?

I read somewhere that the tone of this film is completely different than that of the first, and that it’s supposed to be a “romp”… with a sort of… a tongue-in-chic feel. Obviously, L.E.Défilé is down with that, but we’ll see if it comes off as clever or cuckoo for coco puffs.

Well, if Sarah Jessica Parker’s gorgeeeeouuusss Valentino gown at its premiere is any indication of things to come, I have hope.

My God, this woman looks good. SJP is tan enough to offset the fluorescent yellow just right (well done) and the fit, the cut, the color, all of it, is so perfect and so on-trend it kills me. She couldn’t look better.

Grey pumps (go buy some, they’re taking over!), minimal accessories and classic Bradshaw hair (everyone’s favorite!) complete a truly smashing look… it’s the carefree cutting edge Carrie we all know and love… she hasn’t really changed, even after all these years.

Movie or no movie, we must admit: SJP still has it.


The Never-Ending Quest for a Tee with a Twist

I’m in luuuuv with designer Alexa Galler’s debut line entitled Eighteenth, which consists of numerous t-shirts featuring off-the-wall asymmetrical cuts.

Because let’s face it: aren’t we always looking for pieces that put some sort of hip spin on the traditional t-shirt? Tees that are comfortable and all that, but which also make a statement? Well, meet your match; these are perfect.

I especially admire Galler’s use of cutouts and crazy necklines, instantly morphing everyone’s old favorite into something très special.

I believe the line features six signature styles, all of which are available in black or white (I love the black tees paired with the white pants too, that look is uber hot right now, it’s a classic contrats that always works!).

I’d really love to see some of these (especially the cropped pieces) paired up with an adorable pair of high-waisted shorts and some gladiators… mmm, oh yes.

Or, I think every single one of these will go perfectly with just about any skinny jean or legging.

As you might expect, since these aren’t your typical tees, they don’t bear your run-of-the-mill t-shirt prices; but hey, they’re all under 100 dollars and will get just as much attention as any dress you might buy for the same price…

…. and I’m sure they are a hell of a lot comfier.

I’ll tell you this: I’ll be adding Alexa to my radar, and surely these “t-shirts” to my ever-growing-wish-list-o-goodies. B-day isn’t *too* far away… ! HMMM.

Top Shop Summer F(ê)te Collection…

[Not to be snob of the day here, but that ‘e’ should have an accent, mais oui oui]

… you are awesome.

And when I say that, I’m especially talking to you, you adorable, itsy bitsy denim jacket you… TOO CUTE.

I mean, take a look at this puppy and tell me it won’t go with everything in your closet for spring. See? That’s what I thought…

As for you, you pansy print slip skirt… you little wonderful splash of boho-chic-meets-free-spirited-ice-skater…

I think you’re swell too. In fact, you and your friends are welcome chez moi, anytime. Don’t worry, I’ll provide the wine.

However, don’t be surprised if I show up unexpectedly at your doorstep in New York sometime soon as well.

Tongue-In-Cheek Chic, at Your Doorstep


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They are so fabulous… even I am a subscriber. Mmhmm.

2010 MET GALA: It’s Taken Me Literally Days to Decide

Really though. I have been sifting through photos for what seems like an obscene amount of time in order to pick out who my absolute favorite was at this year’s Met Gala. It wasn’t easy. I have gone back and forth between a few (MIA is my honorable mention), but I think I have finally decided on… Sienna Miller.

Now don’t roll your eyes with the ‘what else is new’ (hey, I could’ve picked Chloé Sevigny, my BFF in my head, but I didn’t…!), I really tried to pick someone more surprising… but I simply couldn’t.

Sienna looks truly amazing: sexy, put-together, and chic. Might have something to do with the fact that she and Jude Law are officially back together (she’s got the glow, no?); or it might be the fact that she’s wearing a beyond-gorgeous EMILIO PUCCI gown (PUCCI: I ♥♥ you. Cawl me) in a stunning color (never can go wrong with navy); or… might just be the fact that Sienna knows how to wear clothes.

I mean… look at her.

Congrats, Sienna. You look amazing.

I kind of hate you, you look so amazing.

That’s when you know girl’s got it going on.

Go Try It On: Unbiased Fashion Advice That’s Not From Your Friends!

So there is a new site out there called Go Try It On, which is dedicated to providing fashionistas in doubt with honest feedback regarding the hotness or the not-ness of her (and also maybe his?) ensemble.

HMMM! Pretty cool, I must say. It looks like all you have to do is sign up, upload a photo of the outfit in question, reveal why you have your doubts, and BOOM: free advice from the online fashion community.

A taste of the format:

Word on the street is, the creators are also developing an app that will allow you to receive an immediate response… as in… while you’re trying it on in the dressing room. Whoa. A little too close for comfort? Perhaps. But hey, we can’t all have our own, personal Joan Rivers (a friend in my head indeed)…

I’ll probably try it on for size at some point… and be back to report!

HMM. Not Much To Say But…


[Supermodel Gisele, Bronze-Brazilian-Beachy-Wonder, designs… flip-flop line for Ipanema.]

Could’ve seen this coming from a mile away (however cute and harmless it may be)…