Enamel Envy

Red enamel wave small bracelet; $414.00

My God, Bluefly is KILLING me this week!

Enough with the evil temptress emails, okay?

Oh wait, I can’t really afford 80 percent of their content, so hey, there’s the silver lining… ?

The newest crop of Hermès accessories has landed and the selection of gorgeous enamel bracelets is… tempting to say the least.

I know… I know. RIGHT. Like I could drop 400 bucks on a bracelet… or could I? Muha. No, not really, but it’s a step up in feasibility from yesterday!

The thought of stacking two or three of these babies (more, more!) is even more appealing and subsequently, even more ridiculous (according to my wallet); but I suppose the fantasy of it all will keep me satisfied for now.

Light grey enamel diamond small bangle; $414.00

I’ve been spotting a lot of enamel pieces out there lately, which is great because (ahem, this case aside) enamel is a material that tends to be a little more on the affordable side, but still manages looks really polished.

I scooped up a white statement necklace from Express not too long ago which, to me, basically looks like a huge hunk of lace around my neck (in the best of possible ways); people haven’t stopped asking me where I got it. You should see their reaction when I tell them.

HermèsExpress. Same diff, right?


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