The Never-Ending Quest for a Tee with a Twist

I’m in luuuuv with designer Alexa Galler’s debut line entitled Eighteenth, which consists of numerous t-shirts featuring off-the-wall asymmetrical cuts.

Because let’s face it: aren’t we always looking for pieces that put some sort of hip spin on the traditional t-shirt? Tees that are comfortable and all that, but which also make a statement? Well, meet your match; these are perfect.

I especially admire Galler’s use of cutouts and crazy necklines, instantly morphing everyone’s old favorite into something très special.

I believe the line features six signature styles, all of which are available in black or white (I love the black tees paired with the white pants too, that look is uber hot right now, it’s a classic contrats that always works!).

I’d really love to see some of these (especially the cropped pieces) paired up with an adorable pair of high-waisted shorts and some gladiators… mmm, oh yes.

Or, I think every single one of these will go perfectly with just about any skinny jean or legging.

As you might expect, since these aren’t your typical tees, they don’t bear your run-of-the-mill t-shirt prices; but hey, they’re all under 100 dollars and will get just as much attention as any dress you might buy for the same price…

…. and I’m sure they are a hell of a lot comfier.

I’ll tell you this: I’ll be adding Alexa to my radar, and surely these “t-shirts” to my ever-growing-wish-list-o-goodies. B-day isn’t *too* far away… ! HMMM.


2 responses to “The Never-Ending Quest for a Tee with a Twist

  1. Thanks for the write up. Happy you like the shirts!

  2. Mon plaisir! We ♥ them indeed!

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