Clunk Sans Funk

MIA Studio; $60.00

I really want a pair of hot brown sandals for spring. A pair that are sky-high, preferably chunky, and a pair that I could feasibly walk in. I know, I know…

SO. You can imagine my delight when these lovelies arrived in my inbox this morning, courtesy of Piperlime (we have a love-hate relationship… my wallet and Piper just don’t see eye-to-eye). Basically, it boils down to this: cork sandals. They’re so hot right now.

Really though… they are.

Because I mean… you know… there’s that whole clog trend going on now. But wait, last time I checked, my surname wasn’t Olsen. Can I pull off clogs? Hmm, not sure. Plus, all the acceptable ones appear to be over 400 dollars (I’m looking at you, Chloé), so I’m guessing I won’t be hopping on that trend-train. Instead, I’ll opt for a cousin look that can give off the same effect… yeah, that’d be a cork sandal.

This way, you get all the clunk and a liiiittle bit less of the 1994 funk.



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