Perfumes That Have Won My Heart (and Their Muses, of Whom I Am Inarguably Jealous)

Je t'aime, Charlotte. ♥

Mmmm. Let’s take a beauty pause for a minute. Ah. So. Perfume.

I have to have my perfume. I truly do feel naked without it. Call it prissy, I don’t give a damn. I love perfume.

I did learn something that year studying in France after all.

Currently, I go back and forth between two steady beau-s: Marc Jacob’s Signature Scent (mmm… gardenias!) and YSL’s Parisienne (mmm… Kate Moss).

Prada’s Infusion d’Iris came very close…

Can this please be my life?

… I almost bought some not too long ago (and still might), but then Balenciaga’s newest, Paris Eau de Parfum (and we all know how I feel about Balenciaga’s own and Mr. Ghesquière), waltzed in my life brimming with violet and savory pepper notes…  and now…

… now, I just don’t know what to think or feel. I love them both!

What can I say, I want it all.

In the end, I’m sure I’ll fall victim to ingenious advertising.

Here she is, a little bottle of happiness. For $95.00. Ugh.

Does it hurt that Paris was inspired by la magnifique Charlotte Gainsbourg (also featured in the ad campaign)?

No. No, it does not. Do I want to be her? Well, yes, yes I do. So smelling like her will probably do for now.

Paris vs. Parisienne? Now there’s a brawl I’d like to see. But I’m sure I’ll find a way to reserve for them both a très special place in my heart.

Oooh, here’s a question for ya: Who would you rather smell like, Charlotte or Kate?

Dang, might be a toss up!


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