One of this season’s trends I can’t get enough of is the oh-so-Breton horizontal stripe.

Simple, classic… Coco Chanel-approved, it’s a motif plastered all over tops (long-sleeved, short-sleeved, tank tops, dresses…) this Spring from here to kingdom come. And yes, that includes American Apparel, one of its biggest fans.

WAL-MART or Bergdorf?

Not that something as fundamental as a striped shirt can ever really go OUT of style, but such a basic “look” (err) hasn’t been this omnipresent since… what, that rugby polo explosion however many years ago?

Remember? Yeah. I think I prefer this go-round…

In black or blue is best, but I’ve developed a faint fondness for a nice red stripe as well…

WAL-MART or Bergdorf?

The best thing about this trend is that it’s readily available anywhere… and I mean anywhere. From Wal-Mart to Bergdorf.

I snatched a long-sleeved version similar to Audrey Tatou’s (here, as Coco herself in Coco avant Chanel) from Rodarte for Target, and I’ve worn it so many times already, I can’t even count.

A classic story of transient fashion success: from French fisherman in Brittany to the runways of the world, now trickling into the hearts of new generations at all price points. Aw. Vive la mode !


One response to “Get-Your-Breton-On

  1. Oh god. I had forgotten about the rugby shirt craze. I am all over these striped shirts, whether they are in style or not. I will probably need to stock up on them for the inevitable breton striped drought.

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