2010 MET GALA: It’s Taken Me Literally Days to Decide

Really though. I have been sifting through photos for what seems like an obscene amount of time in order to pick out who my absolute favorite was at this year’s Met Gala. It wasn’t easy. I have gone back and forth between a few (MIA is my honorable mention), but I think I have finally decided on… Sienna Miller.

Now don’t roll your eyes with the ‘what else is new’ (hey, I could’ve picked Chloé Sevigny, my BFF in my head, but I didn’t…!), I really tried to pick someone more surprising… but I simply couldn’t.

Sienna looks truly amazing: sexy, put-together, and chic. Might have something to do with the fact that she and Jude Law are officially back together (she’s got the glow, no?); or it might be the fact that she’s wearing a beyond-gorgeous EMILIO PUCCI gown (PUCCI: I ♥♥ you. Cawl me) in a stunning color (never can go wrong with navy); or… might just be the fact that Sienna knows how to wear clothes.

I mean… look at her.

Congrats, Sienna. You look amazing.

I kind of hate you, you look so amazing.

That’s when you know girl’s got it going on.


One response to “2010 MET GALA: It’s Taken Me Literally Days to Decide

  1. i really dug anne hathaway’s getup 🙂

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