Handbago.com: A Love Story ♥

Oushka Hamish Chartreuse Leather Handbag; $110.00

So, has anyone been noticing the splashes of sunshine toting around town? In the form of fabulous yellow bags?

Yeah, well, I have. And I want one.

It’s no secret that spring nudes sprinkled with a dash of intense color is the look this season… so I thought I’d give it a whirl. But there are so many! Where to start?


Handbago.com. ♥

Some of you may recall this write-up I did on their site and the tout-puissant power of the purse. I find Handbago to be amazingly on-trend and quite user-friendly. I simply went straight to the ‘advanced [handbag] search’ and… went to town. Two or three minutes later, I had found the one.

Looking for your perfect match? There are so many potential mates out there. Let Handbago help you sift through the sea of choices and trust me, you’ll be falling like a fool left and right. ♥♥


One response to “Handbago.com: A Love Story ♥

  1. This is such a lovely post! We love that you are showing everyone how to use the advance search! Stay tuned for more exciting things to happen on handbago that will make ourchasing the bag you are lusting over, very very easy!!!

    We love this blog!!!

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