Dear Zac Posen…

{will you marry me?}


So did you clean up at Target last week? You know… because Zac mothereffing POSEN launched his line for the retailer a mere 10 days ago? Sadly, at the time, I was out of town and in the middle of a music festival in New Orleans, but I *did* find the time in between sets to whip out the trusty iphone and snag a fabulous tie-dye “tank-dress” (which some might call a tunic) that might just turn into my go-to piece for lazy summer days… très comfy, yet alluring. Check out the back!

I know, I KNOW. This is a bit of a pitiful showing for me; me, the queen of impulsive online bargain shopping. And yes, yes, Posen is one of my top five favorite designers.

But here’s the thing, I was attempting to get myself together in the ruthless deep South sun amidst merry frat boys and their Miller Lite, all the while trying to refrain from looking like a maniac priss. I mean, I do have some integrity. Leave it to me to go from Allman Brothers to Posen in five seconds flat.

And yes, it happened. To my horror, in logging on a mere matter of hours after the collection hit, most of XSs… were gone. So I snagged the tunic in a S. It’s a bit loose, but that has its advantages.  I’m seeing this pared up with leggings and flats; or, I actually wore it last weekend with black wedges and a black belt for more of a night-time look. Mmmhm.

Dear Zac Posen,

I wanted to do you proud. I wanted to buy that polka-dot dress in purple WITH the matching belt… I did. But you didn’t have my size. It’s okay though. I know I’m not the only woman in your life. Feel free to make it up to me… anytime.

Despite the disappointments in availability, I still raised a Miller Lite to the NOLA sun in your honor (La classe!).

Love, Me


3 responses to “Dear Zac Posen…

  1. hearthesiren

    yes, i want that two-piece navy blue and black dress, and i want that red one too!!!!! you can get that stuff on ebay. when stuff is sold out, as we know, it is usually because resellers buy them, like ticket master 😦

    you might be able to get it cheap now since the demand isnt as high as it will be in three weeks. le SIGH on the H&M garden kimono. it was on ebay for $60 3 weeks ago, yes more than the $19.99 at the store, but now they are going for $150. damn.

  2. hearthesiren

    love the proposal question, he IS hot

  3. 150?! LE SIGH. Indeed.

    Zac has always played so hard to get.


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