Brighten Your Step With a Neon Accent (or Two)

Ok so, if you don’t know by now that neon accents are raging like it were 1993,  you need to wake up and smell the Saved By the Bell graphics (no seriously… have you SEEN some of the things floating around out there?!).

This blinding bright throw-back aesthetic is fun, but no one wants to fully and completely embody the essence of MTV Beach House without adding some sort of modern twist. No…no. That would be… unfortunate.

So we must ask ourselves how to incorporate this funny, fickle trend… and cheaply? Answer: buy a neon sandal. I recently spotted tons of great (and affordable) options in the newest Victoria’s Secret catalogue (all also available online), and snagged these brown Colin Stewart “classic thong(s)” (err?) with a neon yellow strap. You won’t believe how amazingly fresh they look with white jeans. Mmmm. MMM!

If you’re not into yellow, try a hot pink or blue. Hey, they’re no Keds, but Kelly Kapowski would surely approve…


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