Converse: Now Available in Diet (!)


Soo… I discovered the best thing ever last week: ConverseLIGHT. That’s right, diet Converse, ya’ll…. low on white sole, if you know what I mean… ? I mean… this opens up a whole new world to the beloved Chuck Taylor we all know and love…

But really: how cute are these?! They make ‘em for gals and guys (très Strokes with your skinny jeans fellas, très… 2001. Not that it’s a bad thing) too, might I add.

I went ahead and bought the black, which I plan on wearing with some sort of super skinny jeans and/or leggings… but now I’m fawning over the white and/or cream… in the low-cut (?). I can’t decide! How cute would they be with cut-off jeans shorts? With leggings? With boyfriend jeans? WITH ANYTHING? I just got mine in the mail, and I’m obsessed already. Just you wait.

The one thing that saddens me is that the HIGH-top does not come in cream (black, brown, and navy only)… but maybe I’ll luck out in the future… maybe I should write them a letter…

But really: for 45 bucks… why not just buy them ALL? Currently, I’m trying to talk myself out of this idea…

I guess that’s really it. Thank you for paying attention to this VIA.  Just remember: Converse Light : low on white sole, yet still packed with the original Converse, full-flavor baby.


2 responses to “Converse: Now Available in Diet (!)

  1. i’ll have to check these out next time i see you, im intrigued!

  2. Very inspiring, as always. Thanks!

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