Oscar Fashion 2010: The Winners (Don’t Worry, Sandra Bullock Is Not Even Nominated)

So let’s keep this simple: the best? In my opinion? Rachel McAdams (Modern! Chic! Oh-so-relevant! Understated yet daring!) in her Elie Saab haute couture gown, Kate Winslet (A vision! Glowing! Soft yet smart!), looking amazingly put-together in Yves Saint Laurent, and the Bad-Ass Mamma Belle of Zee Ball: Meryl Streep (Radiant! Elegant!), a vision in a white dress designed by PR contestant Chris March (!!). Seriously. I’d watch The Blind Side like… five times in a row or something (yikes, maybe) to look like this woman in my 60s. She’s simply amazing!

Runner ups? Definitely Maggie Gyllenhaal. I loved her gorgeous strapless print dress by… Dries Van Noten. Only one of my all-time favorites and inspiration for L.E.Défilé! I love that man! Big points for Maggie. She looked absolutely stunning.

We DEFINITELY saw spring’s budding neutral palette represented (take your pick: Miley Cyrus, Anna Kendrick, Demi Moore—and really, who more fitting to rock the borderline-dangerous-seemingly-naked look than Demi? Mmmhhm, she practically invented it) but also a preference for eye-catching red, for Hollywood glamour (Penelope Cruz, Vera Farmiga).

All in all, a pretty good night, and pretty interesting I have to say (I’m talking, I guess, specifically about the fashion, although I’d like to congratulate The Hurt Locker on its many well-deserved awards. That movie kicks ass)…

Also, where was the beloved Oscar darling, Julia Roberts? I thought there for a minute that James Cameron might benefit from some of her nauseatingly forced awards show cheer there toward the end. After all, he lost basically everything… to his empowered ex. She’s the Queen of the World! A poignant ending indeed.


3 responses to “Oscar Fashion 2010: The Winners (Don’t Worry, Sandra Bullock Is Not Even Nominated)

  1. I agree with you, but I do like to mention Sandra Bullock, and she was and looked (in my opinion) amazing in every way. Although I was very much impressed and delighted by Hellen Mirren’s performance in The Last Station (it’s always a pleasure to watch Hellen Mirren act, she’s a master, and she’s so elegant and classy), I’m glad Sandra Bullock got the Oscar. One more thing. Did you see James Cameron’s wife? Was she sick? Is she anorexic? Her gown hanged on her body like a sack. When are we all going to see the ugliness of being so extremely thin? A gown looks much more beautiful in a body with more curves.

  2. WE DID SEE THAT WOMAN. And said the same thing! WTF? Unless the poor thing is ill, there is no reason to be that skinny. YIKES.

    And I will give props where props is due: Sandra did look great. 🙂 Loved the lips!

  3. Rachel McAdams looks great! Sandra Bullock is not fun…



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