The Shirt-Dress Never Looked So…

I should’ve known Wang was behind it.

I’m sure everyone is getting tired of me coveting seemingly “basic” Alexander Wang pieces, but they are so well-made, “designer” and DON’T cost five bajillion dollars!

I was going to put this on the Currently Coveting page, but it’s just too good not to spotlight front-page style, you feel me?

Really though, how perfect will this be for Spring and its celebration of neutrals? This comes in a gray shade too though, if you prefer.

Note: if it sells out in this neutral color, there are similar variants of this dress on a ton of other sites as well. Take this one… I almost like it better… almost.

Pair it with nude or transparent tights/leggings, a white scarf, a jean jacket, and a white sandal? You are on-trend and looking fresh…

Beauty styling tip: rock with with taupe nail polish, zee must-have color du jour. It’ll be amazing, just you wait. I mean plus, with this kind of guaranteed butt-coverage…

I guess that’s all I really have to say.

Go forth. Prosper. Buy Wang


2 responses to “The Shirt-Dress Never Looked So…

  1. Love the shirtdresses! Actually like the link you posted better. 🙂

  2. butt coverage is a must have. i need oversized tees to cover my gluttus maximus with those FABULOUS jeggings you turned me on too! keep, keeping it real with the fashion!

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