Fall 2010 RTW: Color Me Beautiful (?)

G-Star; Fall 2010 RTW

Ok, so … some people don’t quite know what to think of  Zac Posen’s Fall 2010 RTW nudie-brown explosion…

I might be one of them …?

But what I DO know?


I die, seriously.

I die to wear them (and subsequently die to have an appropriate occasion to which I might wear them without being ridiculed).

Le sigh!

G-Star; Fall 2010 RTW

Oh! And another thing I know? Color collision course straight ahead, ladies.

And you thought Fall 2009’s neons were daring, try out the monochromatic double-punch …

Nothin’ but show-stopping combos, not that I’m complaining …

[combine the color trend with tights and you hit the bullseye].

That being said… heavy on the sea greens and blues.

No matter what you might think … 2010 ain’t gonna be boring, this is clear.


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