Pretty in Peach: Christina Hendricks Blows Socks Off Golden Globes


OMFG: Christiana Hendricks (Mad Men, ya heard?) left me utterly speechless last night at the Golden Globes.

Why talk about anyone else when you have THIS around? Seriously.

Is she edible?

Perfectly packaged in a delicious peach Christian Siriano (YES!) gown, Ms. Joan Holloway rendered all other event-goers automatically irrelevant as she moseyed down the red carpet like the badass bitch that she is.

A perfect choice for what is a seemingly flawless look: the skin, the hair, the dress, the color, the makeup, the FIT. Oh GOD: THE FIT. All of it. Perfect.  An amazing style choice which not only embodies her character, but the essence of her beauty.

BRAVO, Christina, bravo. Marilyn would be so proud.


Biggest disappointment of the night: Penelope Cruz (although Tina Fey would be a close second). Not entirely visible in this photo, but…I didn’t hear anything about a fake n’ bake malfunction–can someone please advise? Why would she do this to herself (and more importantly: to her beautiful skin)?

As for the dress (Versace), unlike Christina’s, it made Penelope’s beyond banging bod look more matronly than Marilyn. A tragedy indeed.

Someone get Anton Chigurh on that stylist, stat.


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