Jeans Give Way to Jeggings

That naughty, naughty temptress...

Well, this Jean (aka moi) definitely gave IN to jeggings, I’ll tell you that much.

But how was I supposed to resist this image included in that naughty temptress of a National Jean Company promo email? Huh?


Well, the good thing is that jeggings (yes, even designer ones) are considerably cheaper than actually designer jeans. So there is a silver lining, I suppose (?).

And by that I am referring to these fantabulous Joe’s Jeans jeggings/denim leggings/whatever-you-want-to-call-them I just swiped up (with promo code ‘THANKS’ for an extra 20% off!)…

I have yet to receive them, so I can’t confirm any details, but from afar, in cyberland…these babies look good enough to eat.

Joe's Jeans Zip Denim Legging; $78.00



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