Lady GaGa to Make Fashionable Appearance on “Launch My Line” TONIGHT

Zee Ga

So here’s the thing: I love Lady GaGa. Yes, yes, so NOT indie chic, but you know. Who cares. Her album is awesome feminist-twinged turbo pop and her style is SLAMMIN.’ So yeah. That’s that.

Oh! And here’s the other thing: I love Bravo reality TV. Yes, I watch the reruns too, YES I do have a degree in French Literature, and YES that includes the damn Housewives, ok?! Sheesh.

That being said, my two guilty (?) pleasures collide tonight at 10:00 pm (Eastern) when Ms. GaGa appears on Bravo’s newest fashion reality show, Launch My Line. I mean, really… how can this not turn out amazing? I know I’ll be tuning in! And the only thing guilty about it will be directly connected to the brimming bowl of ice cream I’ll be eating…


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