Harem, Baby

And they said it couldn't be done...

I usually shy away from posting pics of myself, but I had to share my latest find. Harem pants that:

1. Don’t cost a fortune (they are now on sale for only $29.00, to be exact!)

2. Can be CUSTOM-MADE to fit your bod (yes, ETSY is behind all this)

3. Don’t make you look like an ass

The trick here is that these are actually leggings. That’s right: I’m wearing booties in this pic! Incroyable, non? Behind this awesome creation is Francesca of Babooshka Boutique. She’s got all SORTS of stuff to whet your whistle.  Yeah, that Gold Studded Black Turban? You KNOW I snagged that sucker too.

And this mini (in garnet)…




One response to “Harem, Baby

  1. you’ll be sad to know this, but francesca used to be a co-owner of topstitch boutique in olde city before she moved away. we still have to roll through there. i lost a pair of earrings that need replacing!

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