Going Long

TopShop Lurex Maxi Skirt; $65.00

Hmm. So it’s looking like long hemlines are coming back. I can’t decide if I am a fan or not. But I also can’t decide if that is because I’m petite and short and therefore could not pull this off–unless the mousy Mennonite look is also coming back.


Clearly, it looks good on this gal–but what wouldn’t? Someone help me decide.

I guess I’ll at least take solace in the fact that non-slutastic trends still have clout. Perhaps we can thank the harem pant for its help in opening the door on that one.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this silhouette cropping up in other places other than TopShop, which tends to be a bit ahead of the mass retail curve.

I suppose only time will tell.



2 responses to “Going Long

  1. At barely 5’2″ even knee length stuff looks too long on me. No thank you, ankle length, no thank you.

  2. well since 80’s glam and punk has come back, 90’s goth and morticia dresses might be just around the corner!

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