Trend-Find Under $25.00!

National Jean Company, Denim Legging; $24.00

I must share this FANTASITC trend find I just scored–for $24.00! Including shipping! OH MAN. Thank you, ShopStyle and thank you, National Jean Company. I am not worthy.

I’m sure you’ve been acquainted with the best fashionism since shooties.  Jeggings !  Could the name be any funnier? And could these be any more…awesome? What’s great about jeggings (vs. leggings) is that even if you don’t have a top to *totally* cover your bum (but please remember: partial-to-full coverage is preferable, ladies!) it’s all good because…well, because let’s face it: you’re not wearing tights as pants. These babies happen to be of the denim variety. I plan on rocking this look in its entirety with my favorite slub tunic and leather bolero. LOVE IT! ♥


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