Classify This One as a LIFE-CHANGER!

{Maybe it’s just the cheap thrill I get from the mere sight of a 50-dollar price tag next to a beautiful Malandrino knit but…}


Catherine Malandrino, Striped skirt knit dress

The discovery of this website makes me want to kiss babies and do naked cartwheels around my living room. SERIOUSLY. And you thought Bag Borrow or Steal was a cut-ahead. Psh. Let’s take it to the next level.


The amazing website Rent the Runway allows budget-conscious babes (such as our fabulous selves) to order designer dresses bearing labels from the likes of Catherine Malandrino, DVF, Proenza Schouler (!!!!) and Hervé Léger at a FRACTION of the retail price (um yeah: we’re talking like 75-150 bucks!), wear it to a fabulous event, and then (this is the kicker): mail it back to RTR in easy, pre-paid packaging, continuing on her life guilt-free and overall, smarter than everyone else. BOOYAH.


No, this is not a joke.

I mean…this might be a life-changer.

Admit it. We’ve all been there. You’re trying on a 300-dollar dress that is to-die-for, beyond perfect for the event you’ll be attending. And then it happens:

{But 300 bucks! 

Is it worth it? 

Will I wear it again? 

Is this a mistake? 

Am I overindulgent? 

Who do I think I am? 

I feel guilty! 


Stop. Put it to rest. It’s OVER. Never again. Welcome to a new age. ♥

Make yourself at home.

Mmm. Don't mind if I do...

Now, you can drop a mere 50 bucks (will that even buy you a dress from the GAP these days?), rent a perfect jealousy-inducing dress, wear it to an event where everyone thinks it’s yours, then conveniently drop it in the mail the next day—it’s as simple as that. Guilt-free. That’s right, look at you! Lookin’ all hot n’ fresh at a fraction of the price, sans the guilt. Where do I sign up?!

RTW5Okay, so here’s the deal. RTR is by invitation only. HOWEVER. I just signed up for the waiting list to become a member this morning and literally 10 or 15 minutes later received the official invite, so don’t be too put off by the “invite only” bit. Other tasty facts about the site to render you all the more giddy: some of the dresses mailed to customers are swiped directly off of runways. That’s right: you’re a model now. Also, RTR takes care of all the dry-cleaning. This model’s “people” take care of that for her. Mmmhmmm. Oh, and stylists are also available for your dressing pleasure.


Excuse me, I have some shopping to do.


RTR Founders Jennifer Carter Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman. Recessionista messiahs.


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