Lindsay Lohan = FAIL as “Artistic Advisor” for Emanuel Ungaro

Okay kiddies, the lesson to be learned here? Just because you can AFFORD to wear high fashion on the reg doesn’t mean you are *automatically qualified* to WORK IN HIGH FASHION.

As if her rise from mediocre-annoyingly-raspy-voiced-actress-gone-bisexual-crotch-flashing-legging-fake-tan-fanatic to… ARTISTIC ADVISOR at Emanuel Ungaro (?!?!) weren’t infuriating enough…




…she just had to come out crying tears of joy (aw) after this utter dud of a collection shown at Paris Fashion Week. All together: As if!

And for once, it’s not only the FRENCH who are rolling their eyes. I think we can all agree that this collection is a trite, unimaginative, UNINSPIRED joke. Sorry LiLo, back to the job boards.

I shall now allow the pics do the talking.






"We should totally like, put one of the hearts on...the model's FOREHEAD! It'd be like, totally artsy, dontcha know."

*DOUBLE FAIL.* L.L. with designer Estrella Archs

*DOUBLE FAIL.* L.L. with designer Estrella Archs

You know there’s something wrong when it’s easier to find pictures of the “ARTISTIC DIRECTOR” of a show than of… the actual friggn’ clothes. Kill me!


2 responses to “Lindsay Lohan = FAIL as “Artistic Advisor” for Emanuel Ungaro

  1. ahhh, I know!!! What is with the heart on the forehead like a widows peak. wtf!? That was a horrific show, the clothes were tacky and unmarketable. And, did you cath her interview at the show? She looked higher than the Sears building.

  2. oh my god, what are stripper heels and nipple pasties doing on the runway? the hearts are horrible. this is ridiculous, how did this happen! and i love ungaro, especially the suits.

    im sorry but flashing your unkempt bush ON PURPOSE for paparrazi pictures no less which you neither make any money on nor control the airburshing should prevent you from setting foot on the runway EVER. and what is with all the hype anyway. she’s not beautiful and what has she done in the world of acting, ummmm “mean girls???”

    lol stephanie i gotta check out this interview. thanks for the info ledefile, i was not aware of this monstrosity. i bet even the models were like, ummmm really? dont they sell this gear at the porn store?

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