The Power of the Purse:


Handbags. We all love them. In fact, perhaps we love them a bit *too* much. To a point …verging on utter madness. BUT. Don’t get me wrong: I say this with pride. I know I do not only speak for myself when I say I have a ridiculous amount of handbags for which I probably (eh: the jury’s still out) paid a bit too much money. But lovely leather, delicate details, sumptuous stitching, and, well, an amazing oversized hobo can do crazy, crazy things to an otherwise (semi) rational woman. But since when is indulgence shameful? This is America! I think we can all agree…

Covet, covet, covet; love, love, love

Covet, covet, covet; love, love, love; Rebecca Minkoff's Love Letter Morning After bag in violet suede/leather

So. Are you looking for a partner in crime? Well, meet your match: Take a deep-dive into the Universe of the Purse. Come on, gals. Digggggg yourself out of the black hole of bargain bins at TJ Maxx, and focus. Handbago will gladly be your guide. The handbag mega-site incorporates everything you’d ever want or need, providing the handbag hunter with a wealth of tools: a “handbag heaven,” if you will. So what do they have for you in your quest for handbag perfection?

Don't even get me started on this one...

Don't even get me started on this one. Marc Jacobs 'BRUNA' quilted leather satchel

Well: the most extensive online designer handbag catalog this gal has ever seen, for one. In addition to that: lists of the most popular handbags and the newest handbag arrivals; helpful handbag reviews; searching capabilities which allow the “bagista” (yes, I said it) to browse and sort handbags by type, color, price range, material and designer; the latest on which designer handbags celebrities are toting around town; and write-ups brimming with the latest handbag news, gossip, trends, celebrity style, fashion events, designer profiles, styling tips, accessorizing, and more.


I *will* say: I perused the site’s handbag designer list and believe me: it’s extensive. Some of my favorite, more under-the-radar designers like Rachel Nasvik (perhaps my fave designer for the past year or two—I can’t get enough of her!) were on there. I’m impressed. The list goes on and on and on…


Rachel Nasvik Ryan satchel

Handbago also boasts a blog which tackles various subjects including up-and-coming designers, fashion week-related stories, looks for less…oh, and an occasional plug or two (blushes).

I find the Review section to be particularly helpful, as it gives all those handbag specifics upfront sans confusion, and most importantly: tells you the price. I can’t tell you how many handbag sites I’ve visited which tell you everything about the bag except for what you have to shell out to get your grubby little hands on it. Let’s not pretend it doesn’t matter, because it does. Handbago puts it all out there.

So you have questions? “What’s the most flirty bag on the market?” “What can I wear with my animal print clutch?” No problem, it’s as simple as ask one of the site’s stylists.

The answer.

The answer. Lanvin's grey felt bowling bag

Let’s wrap it up. Handbago is the go-to place for all things bag-related. Believe me when I say, they’ve got you covered. This is a place that does not take the power of the purse lightly. As it shouldn’t. Happy travels.


2 responses to “The Power of the Purse:

  1. great! i have to say i love to know which bags celebs are toting, cuz let’s be honest, i know i feel like a million bucks when im digging in my purse to find a cell phone, and i know angelina jolie is doing the same thing, albeit with a pacifier, in the exact same bag, AWESOME!

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