The Time Has Come (again): New York Fashion Week is Here

In these trunks, lies the key to the universe.

In these trunks lies the key to the universe.

Today marks the beginning of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week (to run through next Thursday, September 17th) and per usual, the fashion community is abuzz with…something. It’s hard to say. The last time NYC hosted fashion week this past winter, the new-born recession was the only thing on people’s minds, so now that talk of recovery is in order (but: TBD), we’ve turned away a bit from the “recessionista” obsession in favor of good ol’ fashioned…fashion. Considering runways have boasted more glamour, fantasy, and excess (what did you think all these 80s trends are about?) in the past year than anything remotely resembling frugality, I think it’s safe to say that the shows this time around will certainly not disappoint the drama queen which lurks within us all. In fact: it might only get BETTER.

It’s been almost exactly a year since the tragic tumble of Lehman Brothers, perhaps the biggest nail in Wall Street’s coffin, so perhaps it is appropriate that we take on NYC Fashion Week with–dare I say it– a bit of optimism, not only escapism. Although the story to be told…will be in the clothes. So to avoid the risk of getting ahead of my philosophical self, let’s sit back and enjoy the show(s) this second time round, with the recession seated comfortably in the backseat. Who knows what the future holds for us. I’m content, for now, seeking answers from the likes of Max Azria, Nicole Miller, Derek Lam, and DVF .

Schedule for today can be found here.

Alas, I will not be attending any shows (got on the press pass path too late—drat!), but seeing as though I will be in New York next Monday for a lovely Independent Fashion Blogger summit of sorts (can’t wait!), I plan on swinging by the area to pick up on the attitude floating in the air (amidst the bisou bonanza).

Expect a full report.


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