City of Brotherly… *FASHION*: Philadelphia Fashion Week Cometh



Philadelphia finally joins the ranks of major cities around the world, as it prepares to launch its very own fashion week slotted for the first weekend in October (that being October 8th through the 10th) at the 23rd St. Armory. According to the official website, each day showcases student, streetwear and contemporary couture designers based locally and around the globe. Fashionistas also have the opportunity to shop with retailers on site between shows.

It’s going to be off the hook, ya’ll! Well, I am a *bit* biased seeing as though I’m volunteering for the event, but come on admit it: it’s exciting. Yes, that’s right, the city once known for unruly fans and a dubious combo of meat and synthetic cheese product will now finally be able to shine like the STAH it really is. And it really is. The city of Philadelphia really does boast budding designers, chic boutiques, and savvy fashionistas–you all just don’t know it yet.

So who *are* the participating designers, you ask? Click here for the full list, but here’s a taste:

Wrath Arcane




9 Days

9 days

To name a few!

Additionally, local fashion schools (Art Institute of Philadelphia, Philadelphia University andddddd: Moore College of Art and Design—WOOOOT!) will be participating in student fashion shows earlier in the evening so you can also allow yourself a sneak-preview of fabulous Philly-fied-up-and-comers about to take the world by storm. Um, cha!

Shameless plug time!

Shameless plug time!

As of now, the event is open to the public. Promoters are offering general admission tickets–available this month only– online and by phone. VIP tickets (so you want to mingle with the designers, do ya?) are also available for a hefty price but all tickets are only available through advance purchase, so don’t wait until it’s too late.

So now the only question left is: Will Michael Vick be there? Sigh.




2 responses to “City of Brotherly… *FASHION*: Philadelphia Fashion Week Cometh

  1. Marilia Picerni

    yeeeey…so happy to hear that! Let me know if u need volunteers! Last time I worked at a fashion week was 2006 in Sao Paulo…as a PR, though (yeah, I used to have a (brain required) job).

    Philly will finally be complete! I hope those designers don’t run away to NYC…

  2. Oh yes, you totally should volunteer! We’ll talk about it.

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