Put Your Fierce Face On: Christian Siriano Has a Makeup Line


Umm…Christian Siriano (you know, the fierce one from Project Runway who kicked big-time arse in the finale and took it all home? Yeah, that one.) has a makeup line? Wha? And wait, wait, this makeup line…is for Victoria’s Secret? Wha?


Oh wait! Let’s play six degrees of separation: Christian won Project Runway whose host is Heidi Klum, who is the face, body and boobs of VS!

Wow, that was hard. Hmm. Am I the only one who feels like this might make Siriano’s haute-couture stock plummet? Not that it means he’ll be any less successful or rich. Meh. I find this all rather anti-climactic. Oh but wait! The line is deemed “Limited Edition,” which I guess is supposed to render us impatient enough to whisk ourselves off to VS on our lunch break and gobble it all up. Again: meh.

Lip gloss, $12.00; in "Sublime"

Lip gloss, $12.00; in "Sublime"

The prices are reasonable enough with most pieces under 20 bucks, but to be honest, Christian, if I’m spending 12 bucks on lip gloss, I’m scooping up YSL cosmetics on Beauty Crunch.

Ya’ll will have to judge for your fierce selves.

Bronzer/highlighter trio; $16.00

Bronzer/highlighter trio; $16.00


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