Plug It In, Part Deux

I’m back with a few more online stores you should all covet, or at the very least, add to your internet favorites (read at your own risk, and/or that of your bank account).

BERNHARD WILLHELM; Black and white print dress

BERNHARD WILLHELM; Black and white print dress

The-V-Store is awesome. Not only because you can contact them in four different languages, (English, French, Italian or Portuguese—WHAT!), but because they have awesome sales. Careful, the prices are in Euros, so they will be slightly above what is listed when converted into dollars, but the sale page has items starting at 14.00, so stop your whining. Designers currently on sale? So glad you asked: Ally Capellino, Bernhard Willhelm, Bless, Rojo, and many others.

Gretchen and Grace is a great online eco-store which was called to my attention thanks to Chloé-Jo and the Girlie Girl Army. Thanks girl, love your newsletter! Want eco-fashion products of all kinds ? Women, Men, Kids, Jewelry, Bath, Handbags, and more. They gots it, so come and get your green goods, gals.

ecoSkin 'Carnation' Dress; on sale, $149.00

ecoSkin 'Carnation' Dress; on sale, $149.00

Finally, let’s talk jewelry. Avant-garde haters (and haters of any kind) beware, designer Bliss Lau introduces the…body chain (for women AND men!) Again, this is when I wish I lived in NYC, but perhaps Philly is ready to embrace  body jewelry. I have a feeling some belly chains were certainly spotted in Center City circa 1994, so hey, what’s the diff? I’d be a willing guinea pig, the images sure are convincing.

The "Torrent"; choose from Old Nickel or Antique Brass finishes and a variety of chain styles.

The "Torrent"; choose from old nickel or antique brass finishes and a variety of chain styles.

So that should keep y’all busy for a while. It’s only a matter of time before I’m back with more.,,271545,00.html


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