I Did It. I Gave In. I Bought Strap Perfect.

You know. That thing you see on the infomercial late-night when it’s just you…and the nachos? I now must say that I bought something which is inextricably linked to the words “AS SEEN ON TV!” I’m mildly embarrassed.

Strap Perfect

Strap Perfect

Ugh. But come ON, can you blame me? How long have we been waiting for some *magical* invention which instantly transforms your bra into like, 100 different kinds of bras? Hi, right here, I’ve been waiting. And this is the closest thing I’ve seen that resembles that bra strap fantasy. So yeah. I bought it. Ironically, on Amazon, and not ON TV!


I’m not totally disappointed. It…works. It does. It’s just a bit clumsy to use and fumble with, and it’s not as easy to apply as on the commercial (big surprise there). But boy, these things must be selling. You know it’s happening when the type-ahead on Google brings up the name of this product *above everything else* in simply typing in the word “strap.”

Price-wise I can’t complain either. It’s inexpensive and like I said, it works. So perhaps I just need more time to get used to my Strap Perfect. Hmm. But for roughly 15 bucks (on Amazon, it seems like everything’s cheaper), it means I can wear my favorite racerback top with my (newly born) favorite (newly racerback) bra. So you’re cool with me, Strap Perfect. Yeah…it’s cool.

Strap Perfect. We dare you.

Strap Perfect, we *dare* you.


2 responses to “I Did It. I Gave In. I Bought Strap Perfect.

  1. yeah i need to get it on that, just dont succumb to the flirty workout LOL

  2. Hahaha…oh man. Never. 🙂

    I’ll let you have one, in fact, I have six of em! Ah.

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