Plug It In, Plug It In

Welcome to my Blog Entry de Plug, Part I. I think you all know by now that I’m online-shopping-obsessed, so please allow me to plug my favorite online finds du jour.

*Limited Edition* Madison Dress by New York Couture; $120.00

*Limited Edition* Madison Dress by New York Couture; $120.00

Stars and Infinite Darkness (wait, is that a SP B-side?) is very NYC,  offering women’s and men’s apparel and accessories from the city’s “hottest designers,” in addition to kid’s stuff and items for the home. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the relatively reasonable prices (there is also a sizable sale section), not to mention the merchandise. To name a few designers: Moth Love, Yellowcake, and Black Heart Bunny.

Umm…hi. I want this. The belt too. All for a total under $100.00. Smiles.


Racerback Yellow Tank dress by ES one of one, 30.00; and Avenue Montagne Belt by ES one of one, $39.00.

Be sure to check out the “dresses under $100.00” section, and while you’re at it, under 150 too (boy are there are some fun ones in that batch!).

Creatures of Comfort is based on the other side of the country (L.A) and offers the same range of items as Stars/Darkness, but with heftier price tags (the site carries many eco-friendly items—WORTH the price, people…) ahhh…organic undies; also, hip favorites like Alexander Wang and APC also don’t come cheap). Not to say the merchandise isn’t ace. I noticed this store also carries Lauren Manoogian accessories, a Philadelphia-based designer (wooot!) who creates beautiful pieces inspired by things like paper clips. Literally. Her line of jewelry, Manu, is composed of vinyl-covered clips arranged in angular geometric shapes.  Like this necklace:


Manu by Lauren Manoogian 6 Strand Necklace--Yellow; $170.00

LM pieces are available at Oma Vintage on 716 N. Third Street in Philly, for all you locals.

Did I mention COC is also having a sale going on right now? 28 pages worth!

Shop Flick gets the innovation award. The site describes itself as, “a new video-powered marketplace for indie-inspired goods,” so perhaps they are based in… Brooklyn…? All jokes aside (and I can’t figure out where they are based, not that it really matters), I think watching actual videos on sellers and products is pretty ahead-of-the-curve-cool, as is being able to click-to-buy from actual video listings.  According to their “about” page, independent sellers will also be able to “create [their] own collections and participate in sales” and “create [their] own instant, branded online store” soon, so to all you interested parties, keep checking back. At least they live up to their claim. Indie indeed!

Stop Staring! Vogue Glamour Blush Dress; $119.85--on sale!

Stop Staring! Vogue Glamour Blush Dress; $119.85--on sale!

Stay tuned for more plugs to come. As in, this week. I just have too many treats to trickle down for one day.

À bientôt. want to be Bjork. *Limited Edition* Snake Dress by New York Couture; $120.00 want to be Bjork, do ya? *Limited Edition* Snake Dress by New York Couture; $120.00


One response to “Plug It In, Plug It In

  1. dude, yes… stop staring is the shiz! i have 5 dresses so far, hoping for 5 more! 50’s /40’s style =awesome!!!!

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