Anna Sui’s (sigh) “GOSSIP GIRL”-Inspired Collection to Hit Target September 13th


Umm…can I get some back up here—I think I understand, but…err… this don’t look like NYC Prep gear to me. Which is (possibly) a good thing. Can someone help me out? Then again, I don’t watch Gossip Girl, so that could be it. I’m just going to ignore this as the line’s source of inspiration, because…well, because…I mean…is it wrong that it pains me that a revered, uber-talented designer such as Anna Sui finds herself inspired by 15-year olds gettin’ busy, talking smack, and wearing everything I want but can’t afford from Barney’s on cable TV? Sigh.

Anyway, in case you haven’t noticed, I’d prefer to not analyze collections in terms of limp, CW tween programming. I’m just going to choose to ignore the fact that Sui designed looks for each character on the show (just Google-d them, that would be, ahem: Blair, Serena, ‘Lil  J, and Vanessa). But enough. Let’s talk clothes. The words…eclectic and NYC definitely come to mind. So in that regard, I suppose Sui nailed it. I’m a fan of a number of these, (not so sure about the wiener schnitzel bar maid on Halloween over on the far right, however), but if you don’t like busy/eccentric, sorry gals, stick with the Loomstate or even the AmQ line.


Trapeze-style/inspired frocks are always a useful thing to have around, especially for transitional seasons (spring/fall) because you can pair them with tights and boots just as easily as you might with a strappy or platform sandal—even flats. I also see that a few of these lovely ladies are sporting the shimmery fall stocking which proved quite popular on the runways in Paris (wink wink Balenciaga WTW Spring 09–how YOU doin’) and Milan. Way to go. I can’t wait to pick me up a pair of those in the fall.

So come September, keep your eyes peeled—and just in time for back to school.

Sui may favor tween TV, but she ain’t an idiot.



3 responses to “Anna Sui’s (sigh) “GOSSIP GIRL”-Inspired Collection to Hit Target September 13th

  1. dude, i dont know about the pre-made ripped pantyhose…isnt the cool thing about it that you do it yourself? also, if you find a pair of 80’s style acid wash black jeans for sale online—you know that look grayish—let me know, i need them soooo bad

  2. oh, I’m sooo on that. 🙂

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