Need a Dress? Or Two?

Yet another lovely colleague of mine was in search of a dress to wear to a friend’s wedding, and in helping her scour the net for the perfect fit I stumbled up on two wonderful websites:

Kloset Grand Entrance Dress; $418.00

Kloset Grand Entrance Dress; $418.00



Sunday Brunch offers a beautiful–and quite diverse–choice of (strictly) dresses hailing from a variety of designers. To name a few: Mimi Turner, Heidi Merrick, Mel en Stel, and Quail.  The price tags can be a *bit* hefty, but if you’re looking to invest (or looking to splurge!) it’s certainly worth checking out. I have my eye on…all of them? Judging from the contact information page, it appears as if SB is based in NYC (surprise). Extra bonus: SB offers FREE shipping to customers within the 48 contiguous US states who sign up for Sunday Brunch, The List. So sign up!


One of my favorites. MIAM.

Frances May, unlike SB, offers a nice selection of menswear choices (and one section entitled “unisex”…which mostly includes accessories and tees) and boasts a brick-and-mortar store in Portland, Oregon. So it’s not all that surprising the store has a “sustainable” section (and sale!) and specializes in “innovative independent designers” such as A.P.C., Alexander Wang, and Church & State among many, many others.


Take a peek and compile your wish list. I know mine’s ready to go.

…more favorites (when will it end?!):


SB: Anna Coroneo Bella Frilly Dress; $395.00


Fin Eco Zippered Bamboo Dress; $328.00

Fin Eco Zippered Bamboo Dress; $328.00


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