Michelle and Carla, BFF Angels in White; Sarah Brown Looking Very…Brown

Thanks to my esteemed colleague Beth for calling my attention to this amazing, joy-inducing story. Which is ironically linked to one of the world’s historic tragedies. Le sigh.


Politics (ehl, and reality) aside, these are without a doubt some of my favorite photos of the year. At least so far. I am uncontrollably giddy at the site of first ladies Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Michelle Obama beaming bright white light at the annual D-Day Commemoration in Paris. Unfortunately, First Lady of Britain Sarah Brown didn’t get the Pure-As-White-Driven-Couture-Snow Memo. Très unfortunate. On top of it all, it also appears as though Brown didn’t use any of her influence to employ some sort of magnificent Savile Row expert to tailor her (unfortunate) dress either. Ouch.

Fa la la-la-la-la!

Fa la la-la-la-la!

Bruni-Sarkozy donned cream-colored Dior (Represent l’Hexogone! As she should!), and Michelle glowed in a Narciso Rodriguez (her choice for the inaugural ball(s) as well, if you will recall) frock cinched up with a thick, beyond-fantastic Givenchy belt. Amazing. Both were radiant. So radiant that apparently, there were even groans of displeasure as the three took their seats pre-ceremony, putting them out of view for a large chunk of festivities. Wow. Since when does fashion and glamour trump politics and history? Apparently since the American and French first ladies became shining beacons of (sartorial?) hope after eight years of a Freedom Fry sh#%& storm (and NON, Sarkozy playing picnic and patty cake with the Bush clan in Maine post-Chirac was no consolation).

Girl talk

Girl talk

Let’s hope the hubbies can coordinate political policy as well as their wives do outfits. Because then we’re back in business.



2 responses to “Michelle and Carla, BFF Angels in White; Sarah Brown Looking Very…Brown

  1. i think michelle needs a new hairdo, i am so tired of that conservative hillary clinton mid-length bob. while i acknowledge that she can’t rock cornrows, she should go curly or try a long weave or something, she could use some length since she is like 9 feet tall.

  2. Agreed on all fronts. I think many just like a first lady to be “tidy.” However, the days of the demure are clearly over. The woman wears Jason Wu for Christ’s sake.

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