Kenzo Paints Lyon (France, people) Rouge


I have to plug this story because it involves on of my favorite cities in the world: Lyon, France. And yes, I’m biased because I lived there for a year, but Lyon is an often-overlooked, absolutely beautiful place (with food. to. die. for.) which deserves any and all high praise.

And Kenzo agrees!

The city just got even more beautiful thanks to a promotion by Kenzo Parfums. A few days ago, the brand planted a field of 200,000 poppies smack in the middle of the city’s prominent Place de la République. The name of this promotion: Une fleur dans la ville, aka, A flower in the city. Urban meets nature, get it? Got it. Kenzo, owned by the ever-powerful French emperor du luxeLVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton), has conducted similar promotions in Paris, Madrid, London, and Moscow, so you can imagine my delight in reading about the brand’s decision to grace Lyon with this beautiful display of its signature symbol.


Apparently, those who passed by were encouraged to pick the flowers, and staff were also handing out promotional postcards sprayed with the Kenzo Flower fragrance, although no product was being sold at the actual event. Poppies were being given away all evening. I’m a fan of the fragrance, although I actually prefer Kenzo’s Amour to any of its more “classic” perfumes. But no matter. This is très cool. So congrats to Lyon for some much-deserved recognition. Oui oui, woot woot. C’est magnifique.



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