Park Vogel: FINAL SALE!

I have returned from vacation in Santa Fe (BEAUTIFUL—that’s a whole other post) just in time to tell you that one of my favorite organic apparel brands, Park Vogel, has just updated their FINAL SALE selection, and boy is it…enticing. Crap. What else is new. I *love* the cool greens and blues they’ve got going on this time, and I’ve already been caught salivating over the long grey cardigan. 


I must say that I have several pieces from PV, and I’ve always been nothing but pleased with their quality and service. Their stuff is far from cheap (true quality comes at a price, my sweets), so snagging stuff on sale is the only way to go. Take advantage before it’s all…on the way to my house. Teee!

Long Dress--from 189 to 94

Long Dress--from 189 to 94


2 responses to “Park Vogel: FINAL SALE!

  1. stephydoodles

    That long dress will be mine!

  2. Git it girl!

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