I am 100 percent guilty of being crazy late with these, but I’m jetlag-recovered and ready to share some fashionably Parisian shots with you.

First of all, I was in luck because France, the country where sales are allowed only twice a year, has decided that the end of April can join August and early January as an government-approved time of year to conduct sales. Because the government can just do that in France. Crazy. Regardless, I was pretty lucky. It was a nice surprise.

Lee, a la française

Lee, à la française

I love that LEE is so much more chic and well-respected in France. I don’t know why the brand does not carry these garments in the US (and from the beginning!); I bought that green cropped jacket in the window. Great quality too.

A Madison Ave. of Paris: l'Avenue Montaigne

A Madison Ave. of Paris: l'Avenue Montaigne

I was actually a bit surprised how similar the styles in Paris were to those being worn here. I don’t know why, I don’t exact live in backwoods, but maybe it’s just because I always assume, no mater what, that Paris is ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. Converse were everywhere, and on all different types of people. They sell them for around 60 Euros–believe it. Tons of skinny-cut pants with short, flat ankle boots (Parisians actually walk places), and I noticed many- a-harem pant in-store, although considerably fewer on the streets. A lot of navy too. Prints. Tights. In mid-priced stores, there were always flow-y tunics and frocks, and a lot of muted tones, but also tons of CORAL and/or watermelon—those colors were everywhere. And of course, black. It is Paris, after all.

Paris: partie deux coming soon…


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