Basso & Brooke: I Love a Good Print!


…which is why I was so taken with Basso & Brooke whilst completing a mother of a final project for my fashion marketing class. The project was on Brazil, which is what brought me to B&B, considering the Basso half is from Brazil; given this duo’s (Brooke is a Brit) affinity for the eclectic and the power print, this isn’t too surprising. I fell in love with the label’s 2009 Spring Collection, which was a veritable kaleidoscope of colors and motifs (some of which do right by Monsieur Pucci, I marveled).

Not one for a busy look myself, but I loved loved loved this collection; the looks obviously channel a Japanese inspiration (quite a daring duo indeed), and the balance of lively prints coupled with Japanese simplicity (think: silhouettes inspired by origami) is pure gold.

Ooooh! Ahhhh!



Familiarize yourself. I have, and I’ll be following them from now on.





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