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Vancouver Fashion Week is Here (okay fine, it was here on the 24th, but I got distracted by Tokyo—can you blame me?)

My apologies to the illustrious Vancouver Fashion Week—I forgot about you. Mea culpa! It’s just that…well, I have no excuse; unless you count becoming distracted by…the fabulousness that is Japan Fashion Week. Not that VFW isn’t fabulous. In fact, what I’m looking forward to most out of the week-long event is what’s slotted for today: eco-friendly design shows by Flora&Fauna, Global Ghetto Organics, and Adele Wechsler.


Bamboo anyone? I love an organic cotton tee (or really anything organic cotton) more than anyone I know—to me, it’s certainly worth the hefty price-tag. Tencel me in!


In perusing for a preview of what Flora&Fauna will be putting forth for Spring 2009, I couldn’t help but remark the distinct similarity to some pieces from the Alexander McQueen for Target line of all things. Not in color necessarily, but certainly in the winged sleeves, so to speak…or…perhaps what one might call the shoulder cap sleeve accent. Not that this is really a bad thing, I love ’em both; perhaps I immediately made the connection because I just received my AQ “harness top” in the mail yesterday, but whatever. The colors of F&F are certainly more vivid, but it looks like we’ve found a cousin, ya’ll. You be the judge:

Flora&Fauna; cap sleeve to the right seems to echo McQueen--or other way around?

Flora&;Fauna; cap sleeve to the right seems to echo McQueen--or other way around?

"harness" top AQ for Target

"harness" top; AQ for Target

As for the past three days of Vancouver Fashion Week, yesterday marked Vancouver’s own Papillon Eastern show (meh—not really not my bag, but some interesting and quite impressive techniques in these garments) and Lebanon’s MAANAKIS, which…which…well, which looks like this:



Sooo…yeah. Um, in edition to MAANAKIS, Porscia Yeganeh and Frost Sportiva also showed their collections. It looks like this weekend will boast some of the more interesting goings-on: Saturday marks int’l/ready-to-wear and Sunday is slotted for streetwear. 

For info/schedule/live stream video of everything Vancouver Fashion Week visit: http://www.vanfashionweek.com/#home