Let’s Talk About www.polyvore.com

A Polyvore set
A Polyvore set – by melissuhuhuhuh on Polyvore.com

MMMM…you like? www.polyvore.com: where an infinite world of options awaits you…


I had not heard of this fantastic site before it was recommended to me by my academic counselor at Moore, but I’ve now become completely obsessed (and overly-occupied) by the wonder that is www.polyvore.com. Not just because it’s “shopping”—sort of—that does not involve spending actual money, or because I get a sick rush pairing 15-dollar Charlotte Russe sandals with a 2,000 dollar Lanvin wristlet. But that’s pretty sweet too. I like the instant gratification. I like selecting the items and seeing immediately how they complement each other side by side without having to imagine. Sheer laziness? Perhaps. My lame excuse: I’m a visual learner, people.


I will admit that I find a lot of the sets on the site to be a *bit* too “matchy-matchy” for my taste, but I tend to have an aversion to that. I just think that everyone should remember that just because that stunning Marc Jacobs frock boasts a beautiful bright pink, doesn’t mean you have to then seek out beautiful bright pink shoes to match. Because they won’t match. Because…because…this is Jr. High behavior. Because unless you see it come down the catwalk like that, twas not meant to be (and frankly, even if it is presented that way it wasn’t meant to be—add your own elements!). I say: keep it effortlessly modern and pair it up with sleek heels in black, white, or a nude.


I’ve been an admirer of this site for a bit, but now I’m proud to say I’ve successfully completed a first “set” all on my own. So here it is. Envious? I hope so. For more salacious selections/pairings (of mine or others’–mostly others’), check out my Ensemble Envy page weekly for new looks.

Cécile – by jcandido on Polyvore.com


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