Harem Pants For Days: Chloé RTW Fall 2009

Well, it’s official…the harem pant is definitely in. And not only because Chloé says so. It really does seem to be popping up all over the place in Paris, as it did in Milan. I’m surprised I don’t have more of an opinion on the matter, in fact. Perhaps because… it was inevitable.




Remember, oh I don’t know, that string of like 5-10 years where all anyone wanted to buy or fabricate was a low-rise, and I mean LOWrise, ya’ll, pant? Whelp, feel the burn, feel the backlash. Not that the high-waist pant trend (and when I say trend, I mean REAL high-waist pants, not just pants that are not low-rise) exactly took off; remember those Jessica Simpson pics? That might have killed it.


Okay, fine, yes, there are high-waist pants in numerous stores, but that doesn’t mean we’re really seeing them everywhere—you know, on real people? Let’s face it: it takes a certain body type and a certain fashion sense to pull them off. I quite like a high-waist because my 5”1 frame appreciates any chance it can get to elongate, well, anything, but that’s beside the point. What was my point? Oh yes, that the harem pant, while probably looked upon with disdain by the average woman was inevitable, and we should just accept it. I love Chloé, as I’ve made quite clear on several occasions, and I can’t say dislike this collection (although I was a bit disappointed) which appears to have more than a mere affinity for this cut. It really does show up in almost every look that came down the runway. Hrm.


Just remember ladies: this too shall pass.



Full collection: http://www.wwd.com/fashion-week/fall-ready-to-wear-2009/review/chlo-rtw-fall-2009-2064869?city=paris/recent


3 responses to “Harem Pants For Days: Chloé RTW Fall 2009

  1. yeah the harem pants are definitely not for all figures. i cant rock high waist pants and am not a fan of the butt crack showinglow rises either. so i guess if you are short and curvy you are pretty much screwed….

  2. Ha, far be it for the Fashion Industry to discriminate against short and curvy people! 😉

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