Another Coco Chanel biopic…not on Lifetime! Audrey Tautou to portray the Queen of the Opposite of Vulgar


YES, YES, YES, effing YES! It looks like someone is finally getting this right. A Coco Chanel biopic that isn’t on Lifetime and which doesn’t star Shirley MacLaine, age 100! Okay, that was mean, but really, I’ve been waiting for a fiery film worthy of C.C. in which the woman is not portrayed as a loathsome psycho-snob holed up in the Parisian Ritz. And DOUBLE YES: this film is French, which means it won’t be a complete piece of crap. YES! And Audrey Tautou, aka Amélie, as C.C. is perfection–how come I never thought of this?! Parfait. I wouldn’t be surprised if this film managed to push stone-cold German par excellence Karl Lagerfeld to shed a tear–a sullenly nostalgic peek out from behind the fan at the very least!

However, chunky sunglass-wearers be wary: this film is Coco’s life pre-Chanel fame, so don’t gear up for a movie brimming with glitz. The name says it all: Coco avant Chanel (aka: Coco Before Chanel). That’s right, in this film we’re talking a young Coco before she makes it big—the jeune femme’s tumultuous love and personal life, the men who helped her along the way, and how this pre-life shaped the woman revered–borderline worshiped–in the fashion world today. You know…the juicy stuff. A revelation: the woman behind the infamously impeccable tailored suit, the back-story of the non-political Jackie O of France. Not that tailored suits aren’t juicy or anything. And I bet Coco’s backlog is equally mouth-watering as Jackie O’s. Mais oui.

But really, it looks as if (at least from the trailer) Tautou gives a hell of a performance, and if there’s anyone who’s the “opposite of vulgar” it’s her—the smart, dark hair, the almost boyish innocence, the knowing smile, the poised, restrained elegance. This is French elegance. This is Coco Chanel. I freaking can’t wait.


Le luxe, ce n’est pas le contraire de la pauvreté mais celui de la vulgarité. ~C.Chanel

K. Lagerfeld cannot contain himself; you should be excited too.




2 responses to “Another Coco Chanel biopic…not on Lifetime! Audrey Tautou to portray the Queen of the Opposite of Vulgar

  1. ooooooh, i can’t wait to see this one. It would be nice to know a bit about how the legend came to be. I hope it has sub-titles 🙂

  2. For you, chérie? Anything. 🙂

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