Prada at Milan Fashion Week; recession proof?

Puddle-proof Prada

Puddle-proof Prada

Today pretty much marks the end of Milan Fashion Week, and all anyone can talk about is how Roberto and Miuccia were workn’ on a budget. Let’s take a moment to ponder that paradox. Not that I’m complaining, Prada’s warrior woman collection that premiered this week rocked my SOCKS OFF. Fur breastplates, tweed, geometric shapes, strong silhouettes, and suede tunic dresses? COUNT ME IN. Strong, durable, traditional in some ways (suits,  wearable… everything!), very chic, very Italian. I love it. Dare I say it…sensible? Goodness no, this is Prada for God’s sake.       . . .

But the social context creeps closer and closer. The mean economy requires a tough armor for today’s female warrior who could only dodge deep financial puddles in crepe-soled Prada shoe boots. Apparently Gucci didn’t throw out many surprises per say either, but still maintained its reliable, rich rock-star chic. Reliability. Practicality (gasp!).  All the tools a smart fashionista might need in her recession-proof closet.       . . . 


Ok no, I’m not saying Recession yields Snore Fest Milan 2009. No. And there were plenty of runways that entertained and inspired. Of course. But you can’t help but listen to what’s echoing around the hoopla of shows. What’s this I hear about Donatella Versace employing strictly steel and chrome colors in place of her infamous preference for gold?  Now that’s sacrifice. All jokes aside, it’s true. Not a great deal of glitz was to be found this year. Not as if that matters, because it doesn’t. I can’t decide if this is an absurd point to make–the Versace House isn’t exactly a beacon of frugal spending habits–or not.       . . .

Although something tells me–without a doubt– that Donatella doesn’t have any issues getting her tan hands on a car loan.

Judge for yourself:


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